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In Philadelphia for a speaking thing and kind of surprised the city is still standing. I expected more from you, Eagles fans.

Seriously though, Brady's throwing ducks out there. His hand can't be right.

Who had the square for "first traumatic long term brain injury" of the game?

If this Super Bowl is like other ones, the equipment guys aren't allowed to really break the kicking balls in like they normally do so they have more of the protective coating on them (making them slipperier and harder to catch).

Omg that Dodge Ram commercial might have been legit the funniest thing I've seen so far this year.

Played stopper today in my soccer game instead of goalie since it was the last game of our season - scored a nice goal, but I'm definitely not in field shape. Sooooo tired.

Stayed up waaaay too late farming that damn zombie dragon so I could make a hat out of his butt. The perils of Monster Hunting.

Zombie dragon was nothing compared to laser dragon. Holy shit was that fight intense. Lasers ERRYWHERE

Just fought a zombie dragon in Monster Hunter World so that was pretty awesome.

Cooking protip - When you go to close the grill, make sure your fingers close on the handle and not the 700 degree interior.

goddamn jalapeños about to make me go Thai chili on their scrub asses wtf

Things that make me irrationally angry - Making salsa at a ratio of 5 tomatoes to 2 jalapeños and it having NO HEAT when it's done.

What the SHIT, jalapeños. You had one fucking job. One. Job.

Try to contain your urges regarding the well-coifed burlyman with what appears to be an impossibly thin waist.

Also I murdered the bejesus out of a Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Worlds and the ending was pretty epic.

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