So, hey..... is Mastodon more of a thing now? It's been a while since I've been here!

Oh yeah.

Twitter can make you feel like shit.


My feelings on 9.11.2001
1) absolute horror
2) fear
3) concern
4) an acute awareness that this was imperialist chickens coming home to roost

TFW a Bernie Bro tries to correct you on what a socialist is. "You can totally have a bourgeoisie! Do some research!"

Who is the communist version of tough-ass-woman-clothed-in-the-trappings-of-power-who-doesn't-give-a-single-fuck these days? Give her my number.

I will ABSOLUTELY turn her over to the Revolutionary Vanguard after, promise.

Okay, folks, confession time: The democrats are a dead end, Kamala Harris is a cop, and the guillotine is thirsty. THAT SAID: if she wanted to come over to spank me, I might have trouble saying no.

demands for and liberation.... what suggestions do you have, Masto-Baters?

If you were to place a bet on it, how many blowjobs have happened in the Oval Office?

The pee tape I wanna see is the one Trump's arranging of sex workers passing on McCain's grave.


Doctor Wily is the bad guy.

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