My feelings on 9.11.2001
1) absolute horror
2) fear
3) concern
4) an acute awareness that this was imperialist chickens coming home to roost

TFW a Bernie Bro tries to correct you on what a socialist is. "You can totally have a bourgeoisie! Do some research!"

Who is the communist version of tough-ass-woman-clothed-in-the-trappings-of-power-who-doesn't-give-a-single-fuck these days? Give her my number.

I will ABSOLUTELY turn her over to the Revolutionary Vanguard after, promise.

Okay, folks, confession time: The democrats are a dead end, Kamala Harris is a cop, and the guillotine is thirsty. THAT SAID: if she wanted to come over to spank me, I might have trouble saying no.

If you were to place a bet on it, how many blowjobs have happened in the Oval Office?

The pee tape I wanna see is the one Trump's arranging of sex workers passing on McCain's grave.

Comrades: "each one teach one". Share some of your knowledge and experiences with others. Listen to theirs. Pool wisdom.

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