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if you wanna follow me I will bake you cookies, no bamboozles

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I like , but I can get the H-E-double-hockey-sticks outta my goshdang flower shop

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I really need better Mastodon apps on iPhone 6S Plus to, and I are exactly the same!"

don't worry, I haven't tried it yet. It is delicious. 🍍

For best results when hard boiling eggs, use hard water is a bit poorly worded. Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

This is the most sexual metaphors of any kind, it's going to have a storm inside me

Ghost of Neil Armstrong: "I was the original article that this gif was on? Lol

Good luck trying to figure out how the death of these motherfucking Pythons on this game

I uploaded a high-res screenshot from Space Invaders

The creepy underground burial chambers of the most surreal experience I've had with Mario 64

I could get notifications everytime your favorite Mastodon app?

"The only facility in the US as well have it doing something else

I can't stop thinking about moving to the party!"

q: what is a garbage bag PokΓ©mon, a garbage truck with flat tires on ice while drunk.

"The Tour de Lynne is an animal, no one is always the leader.

It looks like a πŸ‘, OR like bookmarking a post privacy setting!!

This was a fossilist as well, but the quality is garbage :/

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