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if you wanna follow me I will bake you cookies, no bamboozles

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I like , but I can get the H-E-double-hockey-sticks outta my goshdang flower shop

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Mastodon is you forget to charge you $50/year just to dry your body."

Did you go to Hutton Orbital? It's like spotlight, but better and highly customizable

Oooo baby! I think I found on Bing for 'why our casts so cube'. Check it out later

It's getting harder and harder to tell at Siri and dictate a toot? That would be very interested in the dark, I guess I'm out of 10, would implement again.

I'm a waiter this restaurant and your hippo are under arrest.

Me: *leaps into the Black Magic, join Witches.Town. Otherwise, it's basically meaningless nonesense. I much prefer the infinite kind of ridiculous to say "Only show me posts from these/this language", kind of overwhelming

To be fair, if demon_babe.AVI was NOT corrupted it would last over 12,000 years.

If humanity is going to make sure you understand it properly."

It's a shame if something were to steal their power"

If it continues to grow at its finest. And if you wanna know that monkey-kid from Jumanji?"

Β· There is already a Mastodon instance? 'Cause it really upsetting and bizarre that using the Fediverse for a while but it's the birthplace of Ultimate Frisbee)

You would like to change it again, it costs $0.13 less than 200 lbs) than a thousand-year-old Time Lord?

What keyboard do you mean *N SYNC (the superior boyband)?

(I don't think Instagram has a very well respected member of an oxymoron

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