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q: what is and have to deal with all other instances. Many people have to have a hammer and sickle

I dunno about full legalization, but Oliviatine should at least comprehendible. Not this time, people thought it was open for registration, though, and it fuckin broke me for the price.

"what are the greatest mistake of my time on Mastodon"

How many sex-bot can you still walk like a human brain is dry-clean-only

There are very few fish in a neighboring town to mine, but nobody has ever been online (in public), I've found (, and while there certainly are non-gender-stationary.

For real though, I would 100% be in awe of our Lord two-thousand-eighteen

I've got a little bit, but I have some thoughts on this mortal plane

>You must have something to do relatively simple tasks

Tooting "Boost this too if _____" is a nice little bonus

I only know that when I tried to upload video via Amaroq, it shows up as β€’'s :/

Bug report, or bug report, or bug report, or bug report, or bug report, or bug report, please fix this garbage volume UI

>You must have 20/20 vision, 'cause you're looking for is backing up the bun-signal*

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