Pinned toot my YT channel its shit but if in doubt of my ID here ask for an appropriate comment on the latest vid there as DMs here insecure

just bought a made in hanoi vietnamese flag t shirt from a charity store from the medium size rail and it has XXL on the label i could almost hear the ''you are fat westerner that is why you the lose war'' comments in my head

ballsack who just lost his patreon and named himself after a 3rd millennium BCE emperor is naming his ''subscribe star'' ffs, payment ranks after ancient greek class groups from at least two different states non of which existed till his character had been dead 4 1500 years

trying to decide whether to hate the snip and sketch app before they take away snipping tool seems ok, which strangely annoys me a little

RT Al Jazeera have recently released an undercover investigation into Génération Identitaire, the French part of the neo-fascist Identitarian network which has a presence in several European countries.


RT Any fascist caught in our city with a yellow vest is gonna get stomped.

The yellow vest protests are anti-state and anti-capitalist.

Take the vests off and run away, nazis. You're stuck with swazis and klan hoods for your branding.


RT maybe it is none of my business, but please consider signing out of your work email before sending me pro-proud boy hate mail


please ignore this persons instructions dont let anyone tell you what to do guys, signed a pwoud boy and a patwiot
RT maybe it is none of my business, but please consider signing out of your work email before sending me pro-proud boy hate mail


RT Right wing arguments about "the left" pushing people to the right be like:

"Dear Santa, your criticism of my behavior by choosing to gift me nothing but coal will only make me naughtier!!!!

A Dipshit"


RT Black woman goes to the Administration for Children’s Services, no seats available, she sits on the floor. Security guard calls cops because she wants to sit and not stand. 3 NYPD officers rip her baby out of her hands and srrest a woman posing no threat to anyone.


RT the population of maumee, ohio is under 14,000. what're the odds that this woman knew maumee's other infamous neo-nazi resident, james alex fields, jr?


RT Today, banned Gavin McInnes.

Almost two years after he posted this.

Thanks for being all over it, guys.


RT trying to prove a point to a homophobic family member,

do you support the lgbtq+ community? rt after answering 🌈✨


RT If a picture of a shoe or a clever sentence can get thousands of retweets then so can my MISSING cousin, Kelsey.

I’m begging, PLEASE help the word get out.

Kelsey Berreth, 29 yrs old.
5’3” 110 lbs. Last seen 11/22.



RT Scroll down:

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Racism is never fucking satire or a meme. Racism is racism. Fuck you.


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RT In honour of Sargon getting kicked off Patreon, I'd like to share the moment where he failed to read the title of a comic book while it was on the screen.


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