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🍌 Bananbas 🍌
The first step to the creation of the modern bananba occurred when people began carrying the plants from here to there. Once the alien species took root on new islands, they mingled with the natives.

It was boy-bananba meets girl-bananba under the silvery moon, which then explodes for no adequately explored reason.

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"Currently I'm in the creative ether. The problem with being in an ether is that a multitude of ideas swirl about."

"One solution is flocculation. This requires a cup of coffee at ambient temperature and some non-dairy creamer in the powered form."

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Don’t you see we need to be childish in order to understand? Only a child sees things with perfect clarity. - Dirk Gently

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Disaster comes from the mouth, and some days I’m the sphincter mouth of depth perception.

When do I get my very own sexy guy? It would certainly make my day better.

My life and twitter feed has greatly improved since I reunited with the Phamily.

I'm grateful 

I'm grateful for those who helped me escape that town. I'm grateful that once I got out to find there still exists genuinely kind people. People came to my rescue and adopted me like a stray cat.

Milli Vanilli blames it on the rain.
I blames it on the Cyber.

Sliders are square flimsy slippers,
For they hold no dell picklers.

but I don't live here no more. I mean if this town had chicken riggies when I got here, then we wouldn't be having this problem of me putting on my Al Pacino voice and walking away with the chicken riggies whenever anyone asks me about this town.

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I've lived here long enough to know the turf of this surf town, so if you're looking for chicken riggies? You won't find them, unless you come to me...

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People who haven't lived here think it's all waves and beach babes. Yeah, we got those, but when they ask me, I put on my Al Pacino voice and say,

"You know what ciao means? That's Italian for food."

And then I walk away. Translation, don't make me put on my Al Pacino voice.

My horoscope tells me that the coming weeks will be favorable to cultivate a relationship with my inner indigenous person. Hmm... Could mean, head north, and if I see any Colonials, don't feed them.

Jerry was a race car driver.
Susie had a little bake oven.

Yeah ma, this is what I do. All day, every day, I shit post on the Internet. What else I am supposed to do? Go pop wheelies at the Metro? Can't do that anymore. Ricki got canned for slinging baclava dressed as a hotdog while doing tricks on his skateboard.

Dump trucks doing donuts.
Dumpsters popping wheelies.
Party boys doing push-ups.
We got it all down here in the lot.

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