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🍌 Bananbas 🍌
The first step to the creation of the modern bananba occurred when people began carrying the plants from here to there. Once the alien species took root on new islands, they mingled with the natives.

It was boy-bananba meets girl-bananba under the silvery moon, which then explodes for no adequately explored reason.

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"Currently I'm in the creative ether. The problem with being in an ether is that a multitude of ideas swirl about."

"One solution is flocculation. This requires a cup of coffee at ambient temperature and some non-dairy creamer in the powered form."

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Don’t you see we need to be childish in order to understand? Only a child sees things with perfect clarity. - Dirk Gently

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Disaster comes from the mouth, and some days I’m the sphincter mouth of depth perception.

Fun fact: Palpatine always wore jorts under his robe

I need more Hunter S. Thompson in my life.

And pizza!

Coming down from that creative high brings me back to alone.

i just played with a roly poly in the backyard for 10 min like im 9 again

did we ever figure out which poster was actually kim jong un

The pandemic hasn’t really affected my life much because I’m pretty much doing what I was doing before it, not doing much. When not at work I’m usually within a 4 mile radius from the house.

What’s different? Masks, can’t nap at the beach, housemate is always around, no happy hour beer at the pub.

On the positive, And would seem unlikely during a pandemic is that I’ve made new friends both virtual and in the flesh. Started playing music with other musicians for the first time in years.

So how I deal with it is through not thinking about it because I wouldn’t be able to get up everyday. So I dream up stories, pretend I’m someone else. Find comedy. Read something interesting everyday. Walk to ocean. Shit post. Because I really can’t afford much else. I’m not good at being an adult.

My job isn’t getting me where I need to be financially to afford to live well and pay rent and pay student loans and pay for a car and be able to buy good food and get the needed dental work.

So I don’t have a car, which is probably necessary to get to a better job. So I don’t pay my student loans because my rent is so high. So I don’t get to a dentist because I don’t have the money. I don’t think there is any good dental issuance anywhere.

I’m not ungrateful.

A recent verbal brawl with my housemate revealed to me that he thinks I have a negative outlook and that’s not a good way to go about life.

Where he got that from, I don’t know. I don’t to talk with him much, so suspect him over hearing my venting to my Father.

It’s not negative. It more realistic. And reality can suck. I like to ignore reality because when I break down my situation to search for a way to change it, it shows all the obstacles and the things keeping me stuck.

My country has failed me and so many others in so many ways.

Basically, I made it very clear (and in these exact words), that you should not trust this app, you should not download this app, and you should not use this app.)

#NHSApp #ContactTracing

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Scientists in the Netherlands report to have found antibodies that have the potential to neutralize SARS-CoV-2 in human cells:

Unfortunately, these findings are 2 months old already: "A patent application has been filed on 12 March 2020 on monoclonal antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2".

Does anyone here know if it's actually impossible to do proper peer review any faster, when you're dealing with something that is classified as a global pandemic?

I’ve gotten really squishy during this pandemic, like extra squish.

You ever notice how everyone here is very smart

seriously though I will never shut up about how bias against people struggling with addiction is so normalised that there isn't even a word for it

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