Yes I've been playing through Sonic and the Secret Rings, yes it's bonkers, yes I've been off the shits

crunchyroll is promoting its new spring arrivals for simulcasts, with a brief one line description of each show

and God I fucking love the sheer apathy contained in this sentence so much

just sold my soul and applied for a night shift job at a local gas station god help me

also there's definitely some kind of joke to be made with mastodon's "toots" and Toot Toot Sonic Warrior but my brain isn't big enough to make it

its really nice out today fellas I think a fella like me is gonna play some sonic nonsense and Nap

how do u switch instances...where do u even go...........

I miss the Tails that tries not to rely on Sonic too much while still looking up to him... it’s like that in Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 but then after that it sorta dropped off and in the last few games he’s kinda treated way too much like a slightly cowardly boy genius type of character. Granted I had fun with Forces in spite of its flaws but the whole thing where Tails is a mess without Sonic and kinda ducks for cover shouting “Sonic!!” That aint it chief

@Cihbvae anyways I’m late night Sonicposting now, Mastodon exclusive

Just finished Sonic Advance as Tails and it reminded me how much I’ve always really liked playing as Tails solo. Not just from a gameplay standpoint but I’ve always gotten this feeling like woah for whatever reason Sonic isn’t with him right now and he’s gotta take the fight to Eggman all on his own... and it’s cool y’know I’ve always liked the Adventure arc for Tails where he’s gotta try to be independent from Sonic even if he’s a little scared.

Sonic Forces: Zavok went away almost entirely after the fourth level
Sonic Lost World: Zavok is there for literally the entire game, and he has five other losers with him

forces wins again baybeeeeeeeee

a friend of mine got permanently banned from twitter for saying something vaguely threatening to a friend yet neo nazis are allowed to just. be on that site. basically twitter sucks nasty ass whats boppin Masty

our singer was filming a bunch of video on an old video camera while we were on our way to maine to play a show, they compiled it into a little tour diary

like its lacking in so many areas, I think if it had another year or so in development and a lot of issues were addressed it'd be so much better...but i still have fun playin it lol

Sonic Forces might not be very good but do I go back and replay it and have a decent amount of fun?? for some reason, yeah

I think that most, if not all, great old games that get dismissed as having "not aged well" can be enjoyed greatly with a little patience and an open mind.

ONE MORE THING the music in SOR3 is GOOD I won't take any other opinions on this

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