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Is this a new Masterdon feature? (“CW”)

Brréndon “The Blocker” Marotta is less of a rationalist than people with asperger's syndrome usually are.

Islamic year is 1440?! Because they are mentally 600 years behind.

I feel so guilty for having left my Twitter intactivism community alone because I was not able to participate due to poor mental health.

Circumcision doctors are actually criminals wearing white coats.

I have the feeling that I can not be loved by any woman who would protect my future children infront of this stone-age abuse of human beings.

Even if circumcision was actually necessary, which is not the case in reality, why don't some doctors even KNOW the side effects?!

Incompetence, corruption or: both.

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Even if circumcision was necessary:

1. How come doctors at least tell SOME obvious disadvantages?

2. Why do doctors not at least ATTEMPT an alternative treatment? What is the worst thing that can happen? Less horrible than circumcision, that's for sure.

Some people think that a Rolex is the ultimate goal.

In reality, health is the most important thing.

This is the inside of a vagina. It is specifically made for the ridged band of the foreskin.

Dear society: Please stop calling women “chicks”/“chickas” or “babes”/“baby”.

The former sounds zoophile, the latter sounds pedophile.

Circumcision for “hygienic” reasons? .

Circumcision for “aesthetic” reasons?

Circumcision for “traditional” reasons? .

Circumcision for “religious” reasons? .

Circumcision for “ritual” reasons? .

It does not matter for which reason a doctor mutilates a child, in any case, the child might not appreciate having been rubbed >20000 nerve endings when he is an adult and makes romantic encounters he is not able to fullfill.

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(Self-promotion justified because I put a lot of work into it.)

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