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चमचों की फौज खड़ी कर लेने से झूठ सच नहीं हो जाता है?

मैं प्रधानमंत्री को टार्गेट नहीं कर्ता?
वह मुझे टार्गेट करते हैं @ravishndtv@twitter.com भाई?

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Unfollowed a "big" account here. I'm too small (no fat jokes please) to matter here, or actually anywhere else for that matter, but, free advice - you don't have to humiliate someone or call them names or shame them to make your point.

Can we all be kinder to each other, please?

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I agree 100%. On Twitter as a journalist who already got frequently attacked, I chose my words carefully (barring the occasional angry, dripping with sarcasm tweets that one has to indulge in time and again for sanity).

Here, I feel free to speak my mind, and speak to like minded people who are not out to misinterpret everything that is said.

It's absolutely a feel good moment.

Muslims in India have been economically marginalized for decades, politically marginalized for the last 5 years, and from yesterday, they have been legally marginalized too! dailyo.in/politics/india-musli

What's needed is for the Muslim working class youth to get off their Bikes, Bollywood, and Blissful unawareness now and get strongly political.

Read, Study, Educate, Organise and Agitate.

Radicalize and Revolutionise.

The alternative is annihilation...

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I don't think there is a 'celebrity' culture on mastodon.
It's just 2.2 million regular people.
I remember a couple of famous usa actors logged in a year or so ago. I guess they didn't get enough fawning attention, so they left ;-)

Folks who came in for blue ticks in mstdn server here are the details to donate, can each one pay minimum 100 and maximum up to you can afford? Let’s be kind to folks who helps us, now am asking for boosts from all of you and 100 ₹

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I am kind of sure our constitution is going to be changed in a couple of years..

But, they should have changed the constitution first and then should have given this

That way at least rule of law would have been preserved

Kindly request people to follow as many people as possible regardless you are a celebrity, influencer or just a normal person who followed here. This will ensure that the platform is more accepted.
@IndiasMuslims @musafir @Deepsealioness and @dennisckurian have been boosting new accounts to help people gain followers.

You can unfollow a person later if you don't like the content but right now it would be helpful if we make the platform as welcoming as possible.

A little reminder, I'm just one person who is working on this platform, I do not have a team or big resources.

I'm doing the best I can and I learn a lot along the way! 💪 I'm just a simple tech guy with a simple laptop trying to give you all a nice digital home 😉 We will get there but unfortunately I don't have the same resources as platforms like #Twitter

I am very sorry for the lag and the somewhat longer waits, it will be fixed soon. Promise! ❤️

Secular India was lost 25 years back. Today they nailed the coffin.

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@geetv79@twitter.com As far as I know, many Hindu kings razed Buddhist structures, so did Muslims. So, should we destroy all to find the roots? Will ASI help us? The ideal thing should have been to let both communities worship at the disputed land.

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Meanwhile: All of South India wondering 'Huh? Who is Ram Lalla?'


Muslims to be allotted five acres elsewhere, can build a mosque. Destruction of #BabriMasjid was against rule of law. @TheQuint@twitter.com

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Instead of Rana Ayyub deleting her tweet, @amethipolice@twitter.com has deleted their own tweet. LOL

Also they blocked her & now @RanaAyyub@twitter.com trolling Amethi Police 😂😂

This is the reality of @Uppolice@twitter.com

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