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'People dying': Malaysia's Mahathir slams India's citizenship law

Amid protests in India, Malaysian PM Mahathir Mohamad questions 'necessity' of new citizenship law seen as anti-Muslim.

Modi is an international diplomacy superstar 🤣


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Citizenship of India is a matter for the Central government. The Central Government is wrong to exclude people on grounds of religion. The Nationwide registration of citizens is another matter altogether. India is a federal union. Chief Ministers have a right to ensure the well being of inhabitants of their state and prevent avoidable stress, worry and maintain law & order. They can & must refrain from cooperating with Central lunacy

Rs 2,000 notes form bulk of unaccounted cash: Nirmala Sitharaman

In FY18, the Rs 2,000 notes made up 67.91 percent of unaccounted cash, while the same figure was 65.93 percent in FY19.

A note born to eliminate black money became a hoarder's delight 🤣

Lets be clear Republic and Sudarashan type channels don't go to location to report. They're hoods who go to create a ruckus to provide material for prime time's shouting sessions attended by outta work loons. t.co/fiGhGD7Ei1

The amazing @fs0c131y is here! 🥳🥳🥳
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Bravo, Justice (retd) Madan Lokur: A few recent judicial verdicts and administrative decisions seem to suggest that some of our judges need to show some backbone and spine, particularly in dealing with issues of personal liberty hindustantimes.com/analysis/re

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Elliot Alderson @fs0c131y is on Mastodon 📢📢📢. Whosoever interested to follow.. His handle is above.

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Justice Nariman slams Solicitor General Tushar Mehta
"Please read our dissenting judgment in Sabarimala. Our judgments are not to be played with. Tell your government that our judgments stand"

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Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha& I are having a Press Conference on the Rafale review judgement at 3 pm at the Press Club today. Since PC Act has been amended to req govt permission for Investigation, we are also asking the CBI Dir to seek it. Why should govt shy away if it's clean? twitter.com/pbhushan1/status/1

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Consumer spend sees first fall in 4 decades on weak rural demand: NSO data

Another very first by our Emperor. Indians are learning "austerity" from him. But the cynics will blame anything 🤣

Remembering Jawaharlal Nehru.

As India again dives deep into blind belief bigotry and dogmas, listen his wisdom!

When we forget science and embrace mythology, remember Nehru again

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By a happy coincidence, was in this drawing room yesterday and was told the history of Sharif Manzil dating back to 1720 @ranasafvi


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