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Doing large scale edits on really make me realise how small I am.
1 person, in 1 flat, in 1 town, in 1 country, on 1 content.

There are literally billions of us.

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Kids, never leave home. Rent is leech of life, making it unbearable.

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#coop #jobs Open Data Services Co-op is hiring developers for python backend and web visualisation frontend.

We do open data for public good - standards, publishing, data use, tooling - and are worker-owned, fully remote, UK-based with lots of part time and flexible working options, have good benefits and are continually improving our policies to support life-work balance whatever your circumstances.

I've been there for 4.5 years now (really?!). Happy to answer questions!

Skills-based, anonymised application process (no CVs or questions about past experience).

Closing on the 18th of July:

Come on Cloudflare, can't even curl you anymore :(

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“Currently there might be a longer wait time than usual due to increased call volume. There are currently zero callers ahead of you.” 🤔

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"You live in an expensive area you must have a lot of money"

No, I pay rent in an expensive area therefore I'm bleeding a lot of money.

Trying to buy a monitor, but I have no idea how to research which ones are any good.

Seems like everything on the web is an Ad now...

Was looking for a private API, but found a public standard! And it's Open Data! Yay

It's even better in UK order, it's the same backwards

22 02 2022
2202 20 22

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“We were told #Brexit meant ‘taking back control’, the Prime Minister’s new ‘Brexit Freedoms Bill’ is aimed at reducing Parliamentary oversight. It means less democracy, less freedoms, & less control." - @jimkillock on Govt's proposed #BrexitFreedomsBill

Wage slave 

Apparently coop used to be a cooperative, it clearly hasn't been in a long time.

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Wage slave 

“We believe that we pay our colleagues fairly for the roles that they do, and so will continue to defend these claims.”

Translates to "You peasants are only worth minimum wage!"

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adblocking is like piracy, because they're both great

I find it really weird that my friends cats eat sliced ham

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It's a story we see again and again around the world: governments introducing ID requirements to 'combat fraud' - while providing no evidence.

Last night was the UK's turn, with MPs voting for the #ElectionsBill making it harder for people to vote by requiring Voter ID. 1/6 🧵

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