Well, I either just got trolled extremely deadpan, for which I offer my fondest salutes, or I encountered a person whose experience of life is genuinely extremely unusual but either way, I feel blocking was the appropriate response for me.

I know we get passionate on here and I know my own ideas can be fairly off-mainstream, so I try not to block and just avoid instead, but sometimes I just cannot with what I'm hearing.

There's a strain of authoritarianism in tech that worries me deeply.

The reason I rail so much about the dismal state of cyber-security is that I see everywhere the response by panicked organisations to the security disaster being more and more authoritarianism. And that scares me.

If we had inherently safe systems, we could have more open and permissive systems. That's probably a utopian dream now, but don't we need dreams?

I want to be kind AND honest online and sometimes I just can't be both.

Every block feels like a failure and I am sad.

I feel like there's an ideological cold war out there in tech (and possibly in tech education) between

1. "computers MUST be fully user-programmable or a massive social disaster will occur on the order of Fascism and Communism, but now with pervasive surveillance"


2. "computers are far too dangerous to allow users to control, so they MUST be centrally managed and filtered by a genius tech elite".

I stand firmly in camp 1.

Whenever I see people espousing Camp 2 ideas, I shiver and run.


@natecull it's amount like computers are the new means of production and who ever controls them has the power... Seize the means of production!

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