@davidoclubb well there is the issues of control and manipulation, but data wise, a lot of AMP content is served directly from Google CDNs so they get full access that.

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Brexit reduced the geographic area on which UK citizens have the automatic right to live, work, study and retire reduced by over 90%.

#Brexit #UKPol

With thanks to the original tweet from twitter.com/unlit_uplands

That reminds me, a few weeks ago I got a call from a utility company. The first thing they do is ask me to prove who I am, with personal data... that's not how this should work. This isn't authentication.

@InsertUser Spending money! The poor shareholders would lose out. How could they manage not being paid millions to do nothing.

How the actual fuck do you have a phone protocol where the number is so easily spoofed. And nobody even cares, in fact providers in the UK will charge you extra to see that fake number.

Who on earth would vote against forming a union!?!

@mpjeff I live in the South East of England, rent is 52% of my income, with local tax takes another 10%. Lucky I can bike most places as a car is out of the question and public transport is uncomfortably expensive. But I do live 10 mins from the beach which is pretty nice :)

@mpjeff you're not even trapped in the rent cycle?!? What's life like over there? ❀️

@mpjeff welcome to the utterly depressing world of debt, the new whip.

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@lennie fired from my cushy fake "life coach" job after everyone discovered my only advice was "have you tried inheriting a country from people that have done nothing for anyone"

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