@IronMan @StarlordResists I plan on doing my part to get trump and crew out of office.

We continue to battle this devastating Virus as a Nation.

Meanwhile, Trump is relaxing the way it regulates mercury and other air pollutants, another move to roll back environmental policies during the coronavirus pandemic.


@StarlordResists // Sounds like you're concerned about the environment the way I am about healthcare....then keep speaking up don't stop now reminders are good.

Experts say the only way to “re-open” America is to implement nationwide testing, which Trump is failing to do

@Captain_America @IronMan @stux
Hello, Captain Rogers.
It is nice to see you here.
It is nice to be missed.

This is not my cat, but it's one of my favorite cat pictures.
Since it's #caturday and I hear that @stux is a cat person in the extreme.

I always was a big Jaws fan.
This is so clever, so right on and so sad.

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