@Joe@toot.wales @switchingsocial @kithop it is complicated, but hecking fast :P

Complexity can be lessened using KXStudios Cadence application

@Clipsey My issue with JACK is that it just straight up never supported my mixer properly (Behringer X32 over USB), and would chew up something like 30-40% CPU power just... running + connected, trying to hit low latency targets.

It was a lot of messing around with buffer sizes to minimize latency without getting buffer underruns, and at the time (which *was* a few years ago, now), bad latency made its way into the DAW(!!!) without any sort of correction.

@Clipsey So you'd record your first track, all is well. You record your second track, monitoring the 1st one, and you *swear* you played in time with that first one, but it feels... kinda off...

By the fourth and fifth track, you start to realise that if your JACK latency is ~50ms, then everything you're recording is ~50ms behind your monitoring and you have to manually nudge it all back over by hand.

I hope it's better now, but ugh - that forced me to put it in 're-review in a couple years'.

@kithop idk I don’t use that device, with my presonus audio box iOne and my midi keyboard I have very low input latency in Bitwig Studio.

@Clipsey I'm assuming by now they've solved the latency thing by correcting it in there automatically, too (at least I'd hope).

I might give it all another try once I get back into recording stuff again, but it was definitely a huge step back from CoreAudio's literal 'just plug it in and go'. That was one of the huge things Apple excelled at 10 years ago. No config files, no manually starting/stopping services, no multiple audio layers like ALSA/OSS/Pulse/JACK, just... ignore it and it works.

@kithop idk last time I tried core audio (on a hackintosh) it fried the audio chip lol.

I prefer configurability over plug and play, which is where JACK really shines.

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