I suppose I need to figure out what it is that I actually want to say here...

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@Ferrovore @ComputerHusband Whenever it is convenient for you both I'd love to talk more about getting together for a potluck sometime! I haven't seen either of you in forever!

@Clove_Darkwave @Ferrovore absolutely. I know that Thursdays and fridays work best for you. I can check with my manager to see if there’s any of those that wouldn’t conflict with other people’s time off as well

@ComputerHusband @Ferrovore That's actually going to change starting Monday, I'll be off on Wed/Thu

@Clove_Darkwave So happy to see you here, too! It's a little weird to get used to but once you acclimate it's a rather nice bit of software.

Of note: the search option ONLY brings up usernames (as in whether they exist) and hashtags, so you can talk about Important Stuff or mention brands by name without too many randos popping up.

Also of note: using CW cuts makes it a LOT easier to talk about tough/spoilery/NSFW/etc. stuff without having to spend half a post going DON'T LOOK IF YOU ARE X

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