Ever since my new friend and hairstylist expressed such shock at finding out that I'm trans and told me, when I said I don't partake in LBGT social stuff, that the trans community NEEDS someone like me ( I guess I pass decently for only 2 years of HRT) I've been plagued by it. I don't like the idea. It exposes me, and presumes that I'll get along with people who I share nothing with other than these letters.

But then, she's kind of right. And it's not good to have any allies at all. Ugh...

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@Clove_Darkwave This is basically how I feel. I just don't feel compelled to get into queer circles for the sake of it, I need common ground in other things for me to feel more at home, especially since even in LGBT circles people have -opinions- regarding trans things. Divisive opinions.

@Sparkyopteryx Yes. And my opinions on trans matters are not always the popular ones. In fact, some of them are kinda harsh because I deeply care about the safety and well-being of people like me but what that constitutes is hard to accept. I feel like I'd be throwing myself into a fire in the potentially vain hopes of improving the safety and mental well-being of other transpeople. Furthermore, fighting the haters is something for people with more energy and less softspoken than I...

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