I always remember this place exists at the oddest times.

Gotreus: Effeminate hydra-man-snake-thing with too many arms and questionable tastes. Licks rocks.

Gaff: Lesbian were-lizard that smells like fish for way too many different reasons.

Jahrinthar: The entire Forest Realm from Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. But with Trolls.

Laird of the Loch: No longer your Fair Maiden, now My Fair Maiden with a bad hair day.

Gankk: A punkass nerd with attitude problems and lasers. Affectionately loves a bat with SYRINGES IN IT WHAT THE HELL DUDE

Acriss/Medusa: Leather fetishist andro guy with snake hair that pretends to never know what you're talking about.

Burwor: All the worst parts of both Miguel and Tulio compacted into a cursed Gnome.

Creyroos: I EAT PEOPLE

Dorofue: Goliath from Gargoyles in a pirate outfit.

Eve White: Seamstress fashion diva mothgirl that's a lowkey weeb.

Foley O'Doule: Whitey Bulger literally in the doghouse.

Auscultaconna: Mothgirl LARPing as Sherlock Holmes sent to social worker hell.

Theta: Death-obsessed Asura that watched Thirteen Ghosts too many times.

Skullie: Transformer fembot that doesn't realize she's too big to be a ninja.

Xeonixxis: Someone polymorphed Longcat into a dragon and launched it into space with nothing but druid books to read.

Caita/Hellkat: Gordon Ramsay's worst Kitchen Nightmare with a love for hammers and unreasonably large guns.

There's not a whole lot of internet space I can talk about this so here will have to do. Having my hair done in a salon was such a first and a unique, fun experience. But at the same time, I felt my distinct otherness with such a magnitude that coupled with the humiliating dysphoria of having my neck/face uncovered that it all feels like a bittersweet, poisonous cocktail that I enjoyed like a night of binge-drinking. Fun...but I don't know if I'll ever want to do it again.

@Ferrovore @ComputerHusband @Sparkyopteryx Let's play it by ear and see what happens. I know Zepp wants to see his family a little bit and all but we probably won't be going to bed until around 8 or 9 so I think we'll have time.

@Ferrovore @ComputerHusband @Sparkyopteryx I'll go a step further and bring fresh water with cinnamon sticks to drink too. I had a glass of water w/ cinnamon stick while getting my hair done today and it was actually kinda sublime.

@ComputerHusband @Ferrovore @Sparkyopteryx It would probably be something pretty tame, I was thinking a more fall-oriented sort of thing so I'd be using a couple varieties of sliced apples with cinnamon and maybe cloves as a base. I might try that and experiment over the next couple weeks to hit on something I really like so it's more autumn spice than sticky sweet you know?

@ComputerHusband @Ferrovore @Sparkyopteryx I can pick up a nice desert at CostCo if Zepp doesn't decide to bake instead. So we'd have Soup, Meats, Carb, Veggies, Desert...do you two like fruit salads? I could go all out on a fresh fruit salad to round out the nutrition.

@Ferrovore @Sparkyopteryx @ComputerHusband I remember watching those and I don't blame him. That's like...Runescape combat levels of boring.

@ComputerHusband @Ferrovore @Sparkyopteryx +5 Internets

ANYWAY, I have no idea what to really do for food get-together but you both like salmon I could always try to bake some salmon and bring it. If not, tell me what kind of seafood you like and I'll try it for sure. Or I could make my chicken soup recipe for you to try.

@Ferrovore @ComputerHusband @Sparkyopteryx OH YEAH THAT OLD GUY. Yeah no I'll pass I'd rather be dragged through Wal-Mart.

I heard that if you know the right brick to knock on five times the wall opens up to a place where they sell moldy packs of Top Ramen for 5 cents a pack with a little goblin man proprietor.

@ComputerHusband @Sparkyopteryx @Ferrovore [ring-ring] CVS Pharmacy
[ring-ring] Cold Stone
"EXTRA THICK" [click]

I'd do more but I forgot whatever other vapor-stores that grey place has.

Truly, there is no privacy. Even if you flee to another site.

So, ultimately, I end up feeling like it's another situation of the idea vs the reality of.

@Sparkyopteryx Yes. And my opinions on trans matters are not always the popular ones. In fact, some of them are kinda harsh because I deeply care about the safety and well-being of people like me but what that constitutes is hard to accept. I feel like I'd be throwing myself into a fire in the potentially vain hopes of improving the safety and mental well-being of other transpeople. Furthermore, fighting the haters is something for people with more energy and less softspoken than I...

Ever since my new friend and hairstylist expressed such shock at finding out that I'm trans and told me, when I said I don't partake in LBGT social stuff, that the trans community NEEDS someone like me ( I guess I pass decently for only 2 years of HRT) I've been plagued by it. I don't like the idea. It exposes me, and presumes that I'll get along with people who I share nothing with other than these letters.

But then, she's kind of right. And it's not good to have any allies at all. Ugh...

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