I absolutely did not just legit cry a little at the dining hall scene in Mockingjay. I do not hurt deep in my heart for the mistreatment of her the prep team! ... They're children! They know no better! They need education, not punishment! No human should be chained up in a room that needs a drain in the floor! ... *Ahem* I mean, ... *Staunch display of heteronormative masculinity* I don't curr. Why should I curr?

What I have learned from Nextdoor is nobody loves fireworks more than white people, and nobody hates fireworks more than white people
RT @bestofnextdoor@twitter.com "When neighbors start talking, good things happen." 🏡

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My mission today is to head south, cross the Mason-Dixon line, rescue my daughter, & return safely to Pennsyltucky. I will listen to the Hamilton soundtrack to keep my moral high on this perilous journey. Pray for my safe return.

Yours truly

Greetings my Fuhrer,
Your brilliant plan to raise tarrifs has caused the enemy to gain a few allies abroad, but fear not, we have loaded the cannons with many covfefe, and the archers are shooting them with misspelled tweets!

-19th brigade, the Cheeto Cruisers,

Heil Trump

Dearest Fuhrer,
I hope the air in Moscow is easier to breathe than that here on the battle fields on Tennessee, for it is a much muggy 100 this day! We have attacked the 7th regiment of SJW soyboys, but alas, we were unsuccessful, as they had the ultimate weapon against our people: dictionaries.
We must update our tactics.
As always, the orange banner waves above us.

Heil Trump!

P.S tell Putin to use a condom.

On days like today, as an American, I cannot help but think that is simply misguided . We live in a society where we are indoctrinated against any form of ,
engulfed in propaganda of individuality and social conservatism, and yet, despite it all, we gather, eat and exist as a single people today (provided you're white and born here)... Imagine, for a moment, a society in which we were taught that as the norm. Socialism peeks through, even in the face of it all.

When life gives you lemons, freeze them and throw them at capitalists.

Okay, freaking loving . It's like if Twitter and Facebook had a baby that rebelled against it's royal parents and staged a revolution to overthrow their evil reign. :D

Libcom: **Towards a General Strike from Below**

"Autonomous Revolutionary Nordic Alliance's call for a strike from below against the Swedish government's move to restrict the right to strike read more"


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Okay, so, I've been told I should make an post!
A little about me... I'm a / . I'm and I'm trying to figure out if I can afford a diet on food stamps, so if anyone has some advice about that, hit'cha boy up. He/him or they/them. Avid and -fi reader, especially good . Hoping to build movements here in

@emerican Thanks for turning me on to this site! I'd left all social media about a year ago. Just couldn't take the insanity of it anymore. Genuinely liking this. Are you on any other instances I should check out? I signed up for anarchism.space and social.coop as well. :)

Political things I want to do but don't find time for 

I would like to:
- talk the local coop federation
- make "educational" (propaganda?) videos about capitalism/communism
- organize mass strike funds
- go to union meetings
- have more political friends (leftists, mind you)
- read political books
- start my own coop (I have a business in mind)

But I just don't have the time, or the energy to do that right now. 😔

the un-romanticized side of practicing witchcraft:
:_grave2: spending excessive amounts of money on crystals
:_skull: always looking at your crystals and thinking "I need more crystals"
:_grave2: nervously glancing at anyone who gives off The Vibe™
:_skull: reluctantly setting alarms for times that only a farmer would understand
:_grave2: overwhelming energy for meditation and spells when you can't do either
:_skull: absolutely no energy when you have free time


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