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Not to kill the positive vibes here but cheers to these guys taking a dirt nap soon

Discovered today that Nachos Supreme isn't "driving food"

might fuck around and see how many followers I can lose on twitter trying to get my 'Stretchmarks Armstrong' tweet over 100 faves

Honest question for anyone who has a problem with lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people. What the fuck is wrong with you?

i keep forgetting to pick up a bottle of really nice champagne for when Kissinger goes

cuz i mean, this is Portland after all
gotta beat the rush

On a hummus kick and I apologize in advance to the chickpea population

I came here to do 2 things chew bubblegum and boost toots wait what am I 12 fuck that part boost toots it is

This is my main man Shiloh. Boost him because he fuvking deserves it.

I can only hope to really capture the "normal average woman" well.

Lmao if you cant laugh at yourself, youre in for a long life of being unnecessarily butthurt.


At one time Wendy's had a buffet and it was just as terrible as it looked in the commercials

Getting a "Great match!" email from Ziprecruiter for a casket painter opening pretty much sums up my week




Bax's Diary:

The locals remain kind, open & supportive. One Anime Nazi appeared on the TL but was immediately banned by the site admin.

Regardless I remain EVER WATCHFUL, my paranoia honed by years of ceaseless mortal combat on the Bird Site

"This Whole Thing Smacks Of Cowardice," i holler as i nail a doubloon to the mast and turn the voyage of whaling into the voyage of shit

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