R3:D-4 <- evaluating

Same procedure then every year. I've tried a lot of Static Site Generators to use during my R3, starting in four days. It's looks like @GoHugoIO
even on will make it.


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Managed to recreate the "impossibly curved wall" optical illusion! It's based on a surprisingly simple 3D Lissajous curve.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/vl_tone/status/122

R3:D-5 <- pioneering

2018 & was my focus in R1. R2 in 2019 was my -year. In 2020 I start my R3 in five days centric.

Do you know good starting points for this?


R3:D-6 <- scouting

I don't like facebook, instagram or whatsapp. And only is at least just one leg too little.

Find me on :


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