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Colette :rainbow:

another meme shitpost I'm not sure why I made

My brother bought a new really expensive drawing tablet and gave me his old one so I tried my hand at drawing again. Coloring is much nicer to do digitally I guess.

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Land ownership is so bizarre & awful when I think about it. What is "land" in this construction, exactly? We interact with it as if it's a flat plat map, not an assemblage of other living beings. I hate that people think all those creatures are ours to "own" in the first place. Our relationship to land & to other life has been so profoundly warped by capitalism, settler colonialism, & chattel slavery, I despair that we'll ever recover.

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schrödinger's boys are both back in town and not back in town at the same time

Playing KoF while watching a youtube video about cartoons and what a wild way to realize Johnny Bravo and Benimaru are twin brothers

made burgers for lunch today but while making one of the patties i accidentally put in like 5 times as much cumin as I should have and now i can confirm too much of a good thing is indeed bad

Someone should make a dude-bro guide to consent and its just code in every language explaining consent and having binary thingy for consent.

*turns towards u*

*nods in understanding*

Hey, FYI: There's a charity speedrun stream benefiting the Transgender Law Center this weekend!


The runners include GDQ alumni like PrincessProto and EnchantressOfNumbers, and the game line up is actually really unique with a heavy focus on romhacks and randomizers. The final block on Sunday night is runs/races of all three of the Zelda 1, 2 and 3 randomizers in a row.

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one thing that I really appreciate about Mastodon is that normally on birdsite communities become easily segmented; a lot of the queer circles I was in were very white, and it's hard to branch outside of that because the find friends feature is useless, and the only way to follow new people is through people you already follow

whereas on Mastodon, the federated and local timelines make it a lot easier to follow QPOC and branch out of otherwise way-too-white circles

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