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Colette :rainbow: @ColetteLette

This took way too long to make but I hope this will settle the pizza debate once and for all

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@ColetteLette not sure this goes far enough

we need something like the political compass to really nail down everyone's position on pizza

@nico Someone else is gonna have to make that coming up with something to fit a few of these slots was already hard enough

@ColetteLette i'll start applying for research grants

these questions need answering

@ColetteLette @Naouak Very nice!

I guess Chicago style pizza is base-neutral, topping purist.

And pizza fundamentalist: only pizza Margherita is pizza.

@ColetteLette I guess I'd be a base purist topping neutral edging toward rebel.

@ColetteLette I was going to anal-retentively point out that there is No Such Thing™ as pepperoni on a pizza, but I've been too busy laughing out loud for the last ten minuted or so to give a damn.

@ColetteLette Sorry but pineapple on pizza is not neutral - it's chaotic evil!

@ColetteLette Although now you are making me curious about chocolate pizza...

@ColetteLette Thank you. Thought i was a true purist, but.... pineapple

@ColetteLette what do u fall under if u only eat thick dough cheese pizza

@ColetteLette "Lasagna is pizza", says everyone from Chicago, apparently.

@ColetteLette pasta is basically wet bread so pasta with cheese...

@ColetteLette what I like most about this is the complete exclusion of deep dish (aka thin pizza seasoning surface followed by 3 inches of bread flavored bubblegum)