We are really glad to present our SDK documentation!

Clear examples & more information, on how to enhance your product with , bringing more features and better privacy to your users and organization!👌


こんにちは! 良いニュースがあります。 私たちのウェブサイトが日本語で利用可能になりました!

Kon'nichiwa! We have good news! Our website is now available in Japanese!

Thank you to @eno_eno@twitter.com for making this possible! 🤝

🇯🇵 collaboraoffice.com/ja/

We are happy to announce 6.4.6 🌻

With great new features and improvements!
🔡 Fontwork objects
📃 Gutter margins in Writer
📁 FileUrl support
🔛 Sidebar more beautiful and easier to use

All details 👉 collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

We have been improving 's UX, features and community! 👍

Watch @michael_meeks@twitter.com' talk at @fosdem@twitter.com to understand how the product works & scales... and to learn about the growing community.

📹 & 📁 collaboraoffice.com/community/

We are glad to announce 4.2.15 🌻

This update includes several fixes:
⌨️ Missing InputBar in Calc
🔗 Hyperlink pop-up position
🖨️ Print shortcut in read-only mode
🔧 many other small fixes...

Find the details in the release notes! collaboraoffice.com/collabora-

Last year, @libreoffice@twitter.com was ported to run on on . Easy bits were easy and most of the hard ones straightforward.

Watch @TorLillqvist@twitter.com's talk at @fosdem@twitter.com to find out what required more effort.

📹 & ⏬ collaboraoffice.com/community/

We have just arrived on Reddit! A great opportunity for us to run an Ask Me Anything session! 🤗

Have any question about or ? You attended our FOSDEM tech sessions but weren't able to join QA? Let's catch up!

signatures in @libreoffice@twitter.com improved considerably recently.

The video of @miklos@twitter.com' talk at @fosdem@twitter.com is available. 🆕 Find out what has been done, what is left to do & how you can help!

📹 & ⏬ collaboraoffice.com/community/

It is vital that is easy to use & install. We have put in a lot of effort in making @Nextclouders@twitter.com Hub COOL.

The video on @michael_meeks@twitter.com' @fosdem@twitter.com talk on out-of-the-box collaboration is online! 🆕

📹 & 📁 collaboraoffice.com/community/

恭贺新禧,我们的中文网站上线啰! 🎆

Happy Chinese new year, our Chinese website is now online! 🎇

👉 collaboraoffice.com/zh

Tweede Kamer stemt al 20 jaar voor vrije software maar handelt daar niet naar.

Tweede Kamer naar Raad van State om uit te leggen waarom haar broncode niet openbaar is.


Wil je de rechtzaak over de broncode van de Tweede Kamer volgen? Vraag een livestream aan


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To start developing is much easier now thanks to the cloud dev environment @gitpod@twitter.com.

Download the slides from @muhamm3tkara@twitter.com's talk, to find out how we did this!

⏬ collaboraoffice.com/community/

We are glad to announce 6.2-29 🌻

📊 Calc performance fix
🖌️ Impress SVG export improvements
🔧 and many small fixes

Collabora Office is & business-hardened; the ideal match with .

Read more: collaboraoffice.com/collabora-

We are happy to announce the release of CODE 6.4.6 🌻

This version introduces:

🔤 Fontwork objects
📃 Gutter margins in Writer
📁 FileUrl support
👌 visual Sidebar improvements

Be among the first to test it. We ♥️ to hear your feedback!

All details: collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

An development model is the best way to benefit many stakeholders. 👌

@JHolesovsky@twitter.com shows how @libreoffice@twitter.com and its users benefit from developments in .

Download the slides from our website! ⏬ collaboraoffice.com/community/


Microsoft sees them as a threat. Amazon lists 20+ laptops that ship with linux. Several libre phones are on the market. Schools are teaching LibreOffice, not MSOffice. And the huge migration from FB and Twitter to Mastodon is exposing thousands to the FOSS community. The history of open software isn't written yet. I'm upbeat.

#FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #LibreOffice

Do benefit from integrations!
👉Now our integration webpage is here in French too!

👉Désormais, notre page Web d'intégration est également disponible en français! Merci @JeciCorp@twitter.com

Soon more news on integrations😉

New edition Community Roundup is here!9⃣

Read about people, commits, translations, integrations & why Collabora loves to contribute to 🍀

Do take a look 🌞 It's easy to join 💪 and make better open source!

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