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Excited to announce COOL Days 2021🌻September 30 + October 1st - Learn All about Collabora Online!

For developers all about the code. Partners and business people share advantages & best practices of deployment.
More soon: do follow us!

Office 21.06 makes it easier to migrate and enhances productivity. E.g. with a new style preview widget on the NotebookBar (tabbed UI)🔎

Discover the best free LTS , serving your 💪


Enjoy an easier with a bunch of improvements in CODE 6.4.10👌

All dialogs have consistent behavior now and many allow you to copy content t👀

Read more.. do ask a demo 🔍 collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

Did you already decide on your coding project for the weekend? ⌨️

We have a few new available, to get you started with contributing to . |Technology

Join the welcoming community! 🤝collaboraonline.github.io/post

CODE 6.4.10 includes many improvements👌

Be more productive online: Clear and easy to use , some larger buttons, better placed, such as the Find & Replace button in the Home tab.🔍

Find out more ⏬ collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

Boost your with Office 21.06 🍀

🏎️ 50% faster Find & Replace
🏁 improved AutoFilter searching
🔠 revised/faster spell checking in Calc

Ask your today; learn more 🔗collaboraoffice.com/press-rele


Attractive visual effect in all your documents with Office 21.06📄

Use the new Blur for beautiful shadows to objects. Initially developed as project and improved in 21.06🌞

Find out more 🔗collaboraoffice.com/press-rele


🇩🇪 ist die Lösung für Kollaboration an und Office-Dateien. Es respektiert , statt Dokumente auszuspähen!🔒

Beziehen Sie es als Service über Partner in Deutschland & der Welt 🌍 collaboraoffice.com/de/collabo

Profitez facilement de Collabora Online via l'un de nos partenaires. Voici la liste de nos hébergeurs en français pour nos amis francophones 🏵️

Office 21.06 makes it easier to handle 👌

You don't have to leave the suite to find & install any of the following additions
🖼️ Galleries
📊 Templates
💻 Icon Sets

Read & Get a demo 🔍 collaboraoffice.com/release-ne


Let your office users pick the interface that is most and for them👌

Collabora Office 21.06 offers a smart preview of the tabbed NotebookBar, Contextual and more!

Read all 👇 collaboraoffice.com/press-rele


At , we believe that the sharing of knowledge is an essential part of . 🔄

This summer, our developers continue mentoring students during @gsoc@twitter.com projects for @libreoffice@twitter.com.

Find out more 👉 collaboraoffice.com/press-rele

What makes CODE a great solution for you? Would you be better off with Collabora Online?

To help, we've updated the " vs " 📄 Download it for free 🆓 - learn the advantages! collaboraoffice.com/case-studi


Our celebrated solution for secure editing and on all your and office files, respecting .. not mining your documents 👈

You can get CollaboraOnline as a service through our hosting partners 💪

CODE 6.4.10 introduces anchor points for images + shapes to editing⚓

You can position images🖼️ and other objects🔲 in ODF and Microsoft text documents even more easy now🖱️

Find out more; try it out: collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

Happy to announce CODE 6.4.10🌻

Speedier, clear visual & usability wins plus
⚓ Image & object anchors
🤝 PPTX interoperability improved
🐬 more pleasant scrolling of PDF files

👉Read all; try it now!

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