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New release: Collabora Online 4.2 !
Our clean, feature rich enterprise-supported office suite 🌻
The all you need solution for online , and

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Great news for all using documents on mobile!

👉 We've just released Collabora Office 🌻 for & 👈
You no longer need to compromise on , can regain over your documents.

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Edit documents collaboratively while protecting your data and respecting your

Did you know we offer discount pricing for institutions and ?

Gain -

👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌷

Customize your table of in all your or files! It's just a few clicks in the feature rich dialog 🌞

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👌 Be more productive with CollaboraOnline 🌷

Work with fonts, images, tables, charts, colors, .... use the powerful sidebar right within your browser.

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New release 🌻 available now!
It's the first update of our major version 4.2

It brings you export to and even more possibilities to work with images!

All details here

Glad we are able to help many with study now.

Being able to control your own data and infra, is even more urgent with taking decisions for...

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👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌷

Working with links has been improved. 🔗 Easier to recognize, better to follow! 🌐

Get your & test how version 4.2 handles hyperlinks 👉

Happy to announce ☀️ update 4.2.1 of for and

Faster, nicer, more handy features .. 🌻

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@libreoffice is a great starting point for those interested in open source and privacy protecting applications.

Who should be interested in open source and privacy protecting applications? Everyone.

👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌷

More features with a fresh&clear Status bar: Language settings; browse through pages in less than no time!

Get your 👉 for docx/odt/doc, xls/xlsx/ods, pptx etc!

👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌻

e-learning with : work and collaborate at documents for your

Example of the great with 🍀

Les membres de @lamouette s'éclatent avec la version #LibreOffice en ligne qui permet de co-travailler sur même document et de causer en direct ensemble des modifications partager. #coworkingconfine #bavardage #restezlibre #ensemblechezsoi #LOOL #collabora

✏️ Collabora Online 4.2 vorgestellt

📌 Collabora hat mit Collabora Online 4.2 eine neue Version der Online-Lösung zur Erstellung und Bearbeitung von Dokumenten veröffentlicht. Collabora Online kombiniert die Onlineversion von LibreOffice und den Cloud-Server von OwnCloud bzw. NextCloud in einer Lösung.

#Collabora #CollaboraOnline #Collabora42 #Dokumenten #LibreOffice #CloudServer #OwnCloud #NextCloud

@CollaboraOffice @nebunez @Matter thank you so much for chiming in! Thank you for participating, too few larger projects do that on the fediverse. And thank you for the awesome Collabora.

Coming up tomorrow at the #FOSSASIA #OpenTechSummit online edition, Lakshmipathi Ganapathi presents "Automated OS Testing Using Containers"! Watch live here: #OpenSource #AutomatedTesting #Containers

👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌻

Colors at choice 🌈 with the color picker and other handy tools

Discover more, get a free or find a 👍

👌 Be more productive with Collabora Online 🌻

Use and change slide layout and master slides on the go!

Look at the possibilities that for / offers you, compared to for example

Das berichtete über Online 4.2.0 und die Neuerungen unserer aktuellen Major-Version. Lesen Sie in dem Beitrag von der exzellenten Interoperabilität mit Dateien, der mächtigen Sidebar und dem nützlichen Funktions-Wizard!


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