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2020 has been a very productive year at .

Here is a summary of what we achieved, thanks to our partners, customers, and the community! ⤵️

🎄 Happy Holidays and a splendid 2021! 🎆

Happy to announce Collabora Online 6.4.4 🌻

An update offering you
* beautiful shadowed tables in presentations
* ODF 1.3 support
* nice performance gains in all your spreadsheets🍀

Free demo👉


If yóur head is spinning too, searching collaborative solutions that do respect people's & do protect your ..
👉 🍀 "looked at all the ways tracks users and my head is spinning" via

6.4.3 for , & is available 🌻

This version brings Pivot Tables, Statistical Tools and more new functions to tablets and performance & UI improvements to all devices!

Find out more 👉

A new Collabora Online update is available 🌻

For our customer's users using the 4.2 branch of we just released version 4.2.14 with several UI/UX fixes.

Check the release notes and update your version! 🗒️

We are glad to announce Collabora Office 6.2-27 🌻

This update has fixes & improvements related to
📝 PDF signature verification
🔒 password removal &
😀 Emoji font support

Find all the details here:

We are glad to announce Collabora Online 6.4.3 🌻

Working with spreadsheets has become more powerful✊

This update brings Pivot Tables, Manage Names, statistical tools for complex task, plus UI improvements to 📈

All the details 👉

Congratulation to our partner and for offering their combined infrastructure solution on European standards based infra, supporting EU key project GAIA-X - the next generation of a data infrastructure for Europe!

2020 has been a very productive year at .

Here is a summary of what we achieved, thanks to our partners, customers, and the community! ⤵️

🎄 Happy Holidays and a splendid 2021! 🎆

In 2020, we helped a lot of clients and partners deploying Collabora Online, the cloud-based office suite with collaborative editing.

Wanna hear what they think of Collabora's productivity products and services? 🤔

We now have a page for that️ 👌 ⤵️

"Collabora Office on iOS and Android Just got Better!"

Of course glad to quote this post🌞

It gives nice insight in various technical aspects of our work to bring -technology to &

Using ... now benefit more from great open source solutions; do integrate with 💪

Better 👌 control your data👌 better 👌

Read more about the connector by our partner and test the integration 👉

Huge , services outrage

A perfect moment to focus more on , to take full over your data. And people choose for its reliability👌too

Get demo now, or start right away with one of our partners services

We are glad to announce 4.2.13 🌻

This minor release includes fixes with regard to the handling of backgrounds in Impress, non-BMP code points and more...

Find the details in the release notes 👉

Happy to announce Collabora Online 6.4.2 🌻

We’ve made the use of spreadsheets in even more easy. Read how..

Find all details about this Collabora Online in the release notes in the blog.

Collabora Online Community Roundup #8🌞

Read about development, people joining testing and development, improvements in Collabora Office for iOS - integrations,.. and of course 👌

Happy to announce Collabora Office 6.4-15 🌻

This update of our supportive and respecting (install it local ;) ) tool, offers you improvements in presentations and fields 👌

Read all

Developing made easier🍀

Our + developer explains how some of the -based review benefits are now available i/t workflow👌

And start contributing here

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