6.4.9 is here 🌻

This update of our enterprise edition brings:

📲 a new mobile CSV import dialog
🏎️ performance improvements
💬 translation updates & more

Check the blog for details & test the free demo collaboraoffice.com/release-ne


Did you already update your Development Edition, ?
Version 6️⃣.4️⃣.9️⃣ imports CSV files as spreadsheet on mobiles in the browser UI + has various improvements.

Get CODE now and help testing new features👍 collaboraoffice.com/code

We are glad to announce CODE 6.4.9 🌻

This version brings
📲 CSV import to mobile
🏁 Further performance improvements
💬 Translation updates & more

Check the details of this Development Edition update: collaboraoffice.com/code-6-4-r & help

Great update of Collabora Online in @Nextclouders@twitter.com HUB🌻
Easy installation for use.

6.4.806 brings new features, improved performance and UI for all your Microsoft + ODF-standard office documents.


Happy to announce update Collabora Office🌻

Desktop version 6.4-39 comes with various fixes and improved XML-import.
👉Read collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

Get a demo and don't miss the bits about '21, our next supported version!

Notre collègue William Gathoye vous a présenté en quoi Collabora Online constitue une solution d’innovation dans la collaboration sécurisée. 👌 Et maintenant répondre à tous vos questions 💪


Thank god its . 🙏

Have you been testing the new application in ?🖌️ See how easy it is to get beautiful results by adding textures to shapes.👌

Find out more about Draw in Online in our 6.4.7 announcement 👉 collaboraoffice.com/release-ne

Let's talk about .📊
What is the most used chart type in your spreadsheets?

It's . 💪

See how easy it is to move or copy sheets in . 📊Just click on the tab and choose the command from the context menu. 👌

Find out more about this handy feature introduced in version 6.4.2 👉 collaboraoffice.com/online/mov

🇩🇪 @CollaboraOffice
kombiniert mit @EGroupware
, @RocketChat
, @bbbserverDE
oder Jitsi von kiwitalk.de + CTI und Remote-RDP wird das souverän und durch #opensource staatlich förder- und erweiterbar #publicmoneypubliccode mit einem vergleichbaren Funktionsumfang.

🇩🇪 Der Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz in Baden-Württemberg, Stefan Brink, rät aufgrund gravierender Mängel beim vom Einsatz von ab.

Können wir behilflich sein, @KM_BW@twitter.com ?


🇩🇪 🇦🇹 🇨🇭Unsere aktualisierte Integrationsseite zu und @Nextclouders@twitter.com ist in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.💪

Fordern Sie dort Ihre kostenlose Online-Demo an! 👉collaboraoffice.com/de/collabo

Do keep en eye on @Nextclouders@twitter.com .. going live soon with a new podcast, talking with an enthusiastic Open Source developer, talking about and more..
Hmm, who could that be 😉 ..

Help us to spread the word about LibreOffice in schools, colleges and universities! And bring new people into our projects, so that we can keep on improving the software 👍 You can hand out these flyers: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

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