:alien: I laughed so hard trying to tell my dad the "Dwayne the Knock Johnson" knock knock joke and he just didn't laugh at all
I feel like the people of earth just don't appreciate my out of this world humor :alien:

:alien: Honestly though my OCS are more or less developed for a 'real world' type setting and they're not really characters meant for big epic adventures and stuff like that. Though i can think of about 100000 AUS with my ocs although none of them really feel whole enough to turn into a story :alien:

Someone elses ocs: Yeah, this is my well developed character who i could go on about all day. I made him yesterday
Me: this a character I've drawn every day for 4 years and I still haven't thought of a backstory

:alien: all of my posts from now on will be formatted like this :alien:

If you are what you eat, and we're all people does that mean

I really wanted to keep my profile Professional and "Decent" but Idk the public feed has an influence on me.

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