Wtf is up folks? Did bofa go down yet? What’s the new hip instance around here?

Excessive unsolicited oversharing hours will be held:
00:00- zero dark thirty

Who up?

Welp school started and I’ve decided that real life is nice to live in. I’ll be taking a social media hiatus. I’m not dead, just dormant. C u soon 👻

I’ve decided not to move unless Masto gets a seamless transition to move to any instance. If it is my destiny to die on social, so be it

The nice thing about living in a small town is that every1 thinks you’re hotter than a baby in a microwave

@stunt_bird no one know's whats going on because there's no search function, thats my theory.

coming back to this website and reading the tootline after being gone for two hours is like being handed a jumbled Rubik's cube like lol good luck figuring this one out, fucko

I am NAHT like other girls but I am almost exactly like other skeletons


exudes ominous and threatening energy
10/10 cursed

Bouncer standing at the door of my body

“Only one skeleton at a time please”

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