I feel like the best place to sleep is in a car while it’s raining.

My brain is working overtime and I wish it would stop.

It was a Benadryl kind of weekend. I must have slept 20 hours out of it. ;)

I miss rain. I miss the days back home when it would rain for days in a row. I wonder when I’ll be able to go back. I miss my family.

My six days off are already over? When did this happen? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

Downloading all my ancient files from my hosting company today. Lots of memories in here. Just doing some house cleaning that I should have done 10 years ago.

Do big purchases make you feel physically ill? It does that to me. I am car shopping because husband's tired of sharing a car. Haha.

Did you ever wake up at 3 am craving really good tamales but live in a country where you can barely find them, if at all? I miss Texas sometimes.

Anyway. I love what I do. And my mom tells everybody she sees what I do and where I live when I go to my home country. I think she’s proud of me in her own way. We were never really expressive with our feelings. I’ll take it.

I always tried to make my parents proud of me and never thought that I was good enough to have that happen. I would do something and they’d tell me I can do better so I’ve grown into this adult that believes that his best is never good enough. It’s not a nice way to spend your adulthood.

What’s funny is that I became what my dad wanted me to become, career wise. I didn’t realise it until later in my career and after he passed away. I like to think he’d be proud of me. I just wish he could have been here to see it happen.

I got my Xbox Series X on Monday and omg is it so much faster than my Xbox One. I’d usually exercise during loading screens but now I don’t have enough time. I’ve been playing my games I had on the One like Fallout 4. Boy those character models are ugly.

If you're in Australia and you're looking for an XBox Series X, Big W has them in stock right now.

Guyzzzz... my tax file number's been suspended. I got a shady phone call saying so! No more paying tax for me then, I guess! 🤥

I drink way too much coffee ☕️. I should stop that.

I’ve always loved blue but the blue isn’t working for me. I’ve always liked the Netscape colours of the last versions of the browser and the icon. I’m not sure.

My website is turning into an unmitigated disaster. And it’s ugly. And parts of it are broken. It’s getting a redesign next week. Or next month. Or sometime this year.

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