Flight anxiety. Gotta hate it. It’s not too bad though. It’ll be worse in the morning though.

Today is International Day of Tolerance. Be exactly who you are and I’ll love you for it.

Luggage, pack yourself! . . . Nope, I still don't have super powers. Maybe I can try black magic next time.

Someone needs to come drag my butt out of bed and maybe make me some blueberry pancakes. Blueberry muffins would also be acceptable.

Back in the USA, I've got an iMac G4 (the cool, lamp-looking one). I want to repurpose it into a modern-ish computer maybe. I don't got the skillz though. :(

The USA is already wearing thin on my nerves and I’m still a week plus away.

I'm working my tail off before I take my long vacation, so I've been a bit quiet. I still love you though! <3

Mr (or Mrs, not sure) Kookaburra is recovering nicely. He hasn't laughed yet (and I don't think he will considering what he's been through) so my nerves are still intact. So far he's well behaved. He'll be off to the vet in a few hours.

Who am I? I am a mystery... I'm kinda like a ghost, but only scarier, and I live under your bed. No, really, I'm a lovable, nerdy gay guy who grew up in the US but moved to Australia and Australia can't seem to get rid of me :). I do web development for $$$ and for fun. I love video games. I have a face made for podcasting (I have a personal journal type podcast). Love my gadgets. Love a good coffee.

I have an injured kookaburra here and waiting for the people from Wildlife Victoria to pick him up. I think the poor little guy got hit by a car or something. He's alive but he probably wishes that I would stop talking to him.

I've been playing Lego Worlds lately. When I was a kid, I had all my Legos in a big popcorn bucket. Sometimes I'd leave them on the floor. Sometimes I'd step on them... at least if they're virtual Legos, I can't lose any on the floor. It's a bit fun. Repetitious, but fun. I figure it'll keep me occupied a little on this 16 hour flight I have coming up.

My right eye is gross and itchy this morning. I haven’t looked at it yet but it might need some visine or something.

Sore throat today for some reason. No talking or singing for me today. I'm a little sad about that. :(

Nothing bums me out more than someone telling me that what I do for fun (coding) is a big waste of my time if I'm not directly being paid for it. I write it to use in other projects/work I do later. If it doesn't benefit someone else, it benefits me.

I have never played The Legend of Zelda all the way through without getting the blue and red rings. Challenge accepted, though I know levels 6, 8 and 9 will beat my ass. Damn those Wizzrobes.

And I present to you my list of browsers that I use... not so much SeaMonkey because it doesn't work well with 5k screens.

Is it really weird that I have ICQ installed on my computer? Is it even weirder that I don't even use it? I can't bring myself to uninstall it.

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