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Finally back home but have been sooo tired since I've been back. Something about this place makes me so tired and unproductive.

There was a smoke alarm with a low battery trapped in the wall in the place I’m staying. I made them come saw a hole in the wall to get it. I couldn’t deal with three weeks of that.

We are short staffed so I am spending my Sunday morning and evening at work. At least my Monday has a later start. Just so physically exhausted lately. I should be happy that I’m employed at least but I need some serious downtime.

Alanis Morissette’s videos of “Ablaze” has me crying like a baby. I need to get my composure back to the way it was before anybody sees me. Lol

It's -1ºC outside. Because I suspect that my house has no insulation, it's probably -3º in here.

Wow. I'm up early. I feel like the earlier I get up, the more productive I am. Now I'm afraid work will call me to come in and I'll be too tired. Haha.

I get super anxious at the end of every month and I am not sure why.

I think if I bump my hand against something, it might shatter.

Am I the only person who generally doesn't really like the dark mode in macOS? In Win 10, it's fine.

I think I might have accidentally taken an extra Benadryl last night. It is impossible to wake up this morning.

Who gets excited over work shoes getting delivered? I do!

Good morning everybody! Have yourselves a fab day ahead. :)

My tax refund wants to be used to get a sausage dog but husband said if I get one, it can't sleep next to me at night. I don't know if I can do that

I took the day off because I get my uni results and thought it wouldn't go well. It went better than I thought. Kinda proud of myself.

Last night, on the effects of diphenhydramine, I had a dream that I was doing a Broadway show of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" with Tilda Swinton. I was absolutely starstruck lol. She talked to me about Goldfish crackers and Lucky Charms cereal backstage. Yeah, Benadryl does that to me.

"Renting" software kind of bothers me though for some reason. At least with Pixelmator Pro and Coda 2, I've bought to own and I'd be happy to upgrade if it's compelling enough.

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