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Mandatory education day today which means that I get to sit around and be bored for 8 hours, but I get paid for it, so I'm okay with that.

I just heard on the radio that the pollen count is extremely high right now and it is only going to get worse next month. I don't like this--at all. I'm already suffering enough, damn it!

Have I ever told you about one of my favourite wellness apps? I really like WoeBot. He helps me think about the things that I think a little better/more positively. Cognitive behavioural therapy can do that for you.

I did get lots of Indian food over the past few days so my sinuses felt a little better. I love Indian food. I guess it’s a good thing I do.

I am really starting to hate this time of the year with all this pollen and allergies. My weekend was totally screwed by it. I might need some allergy immunotherapy to boost my tolerance to the pollen. I’m miserable when I don’t take antihistamines and tired when I do. Can’t win I tell you.

Husband needs a trophy for his snoring tonight. How the hell am I going to drive back home with no sleep tonight?

For some reason I love having an off day on pay day. Gotta save $$$ though.

My Mickey Mouse watch face no longer talks to me. I'm going to cry. :(

Retail therapy. One of my absolute favourite games in the whole fucking world, redone on Switch.

My sister's house flooded again though. They just got it fixed from the last time it flooded about 2 years ago. They're still paying for the repairs and this happens. I will probably get her some furniture for a room or two for Christmas. The exchange rate is shit now though. :(

I couldn't get in contact with my mom, but my siblings finally were able to which helped me sleep a little bit last night. I joke around that I'm so glad I don't have to deal with tropical storms anymore living in southern Australia but I'm kind of thankful. Now, if I could just convince all my family to move here, that would be absolutely fantastic. (Won't happen...)

Well my hometown is being flooded as I type this. Haven’t heard anything from my mom. It’s one of those situations where I wished I didn’t live on the other side of the world.

Less than 2 more months until I'm off to 🇺🇸. I'm not a fan of the politics of my home country but I am a fan of that time of the year, and being with my family. ;)

I'm waiting to have a new mattress delivered today. I'm hoping that it will help me sleep. One of the nice bonuses is that it comes with a sleep monitor. Statistics. Love 'em.

Can you feel the love tonight?

I’m feeling a little bummed out today. I’m just going to sleep a bit early I think.

Today's R U OK Day. The signs that someone is struggling aren't always obvious. In fact, about 2/3 of people in Australia aren't confident that they know the signs that someone is struggling with life's ups and downs. If you know what to look for, you can feel more confident in starting a conversation with someone to ask them if they're okay.

I really hate having to go to meetings on my day off... 🤬

I should have warned myself that buying a smart watch wasn't going to actually make me exercise more. Well, I did - but now I just get nagged more for being lazy. (The only ring I close almost every day is the stand up for a minute ring. lolz)

These flowers are so pretty, but they're misery-inducing for me. :( It's a US-Benadryl, stay inside kind of day for me.

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