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In a couple of days my husband will land on USA soil for the first time. He’s headed to family first before he comes here so I’ll let them deal with his lag. Haha.

I’m sorry, but being able to open an app with touch ID or code should never be something that you have to pay a subscription for... that kinda makes companies look GREEDY and INSENSITIVE about a user’s privacy...

It’s a good morning to have some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten out of bed yet.

My mom got me a Raspberry Pi 4 for Christmas. (We don’t keep secrets very well... especially gifts.) Then I realised that I didn’t have the right connections for it. I ordered a new case w/ fan, power supply and stuff for it. I can’t wait to play with it. Gonna try to do something fun with my Pi 3.

All the grease I had yesterday is starting to affect me. Not feeling that great. :(

After living in Australia for so long, I’m realising how incredibly wasteful Americans are (at least where I am now). LOTS of stuff being thrown away that can either be eaten, reused, or at least recycled.

Oh, regarding my last toot, I gave in and went to DQ. It was pretty good. ;)

It’s a bit strange: I’m not hungry for anything... but I will admit that some Dairy Queen junk would be good. (Chicken strips sound good.) Trying to wait until my husband gets here so I can share this ‘junk’ with him. ;)

Though I’m on my vacation in the USA, I’m already thinking ahead for my next one at this time next year. I’m really looking forward to it.

Someone decided she wanted to wake me up this morning (then she went to sleep...)

Half a Benadryl tonight. Hopefully it’ll be enough to knock me out until the morning. Gotta do a tamale run tomorrow.

Thanksgiving isn’t happening for me until Saturday but Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gay relationship stuff 

One last one: It’s warm and humid here. I forgot how humid it gets here. I stepped outside once - that’s enough! I really hope it gets colder here, soon.

Our Thanksgiving is happening over the weekend but I’m getting burgers this Thursday so that’s good, assuming my stomach doesn’t automatically reject it. In almost 2 weeks, my husband will be here. I miss the guy. I can’t wait for him to get a dose of Southern culture and annoyances. Obvious culture shock is coming and it’ll be fun to watch unfold.

Gut has officially started paying me back for eating American food. Yay.

I’m finally getting my sleep schedule organised. Passing 17 time zones is rough.

Finally at home with my family. It’s good to see them and also to meet my brother as well. For the very first time, all my mom’s kids were together in one place. It is all pretty exciting. Now if I can get over jet lag things would be incredible.

Flight anxiety. Gotta hate it. It’s not too bad though. It’ll be worse in the morning though.

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