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Dilemma: I’m currently working about 200 km from home. I have accommodation already for the full time I’m here. I start at 7 am Monday. Should I leave Monday morning so I can maximise the amount of time I get to spend with my partner over the weekend? Hmm...

So tired. Need sleep. Not sleeping. Gonna be really cranky tomorrow.

I am so physically exhausted lately. I’ve been sleeping when I’m not at work. I need to fit in some studying time somewhere.

I need a vacation. I’m supposed to go to India at the end of the year but I don’t know if I can wait.

The last day I worked was last Friday and I'm *still* sore from it. (FYI: first day back to work after 3 months...)

Hi again, Mastodon. I've been neglecting you and I am sorry. :)

I've been back for a few days and I am just dead tired at random times. There are so many [expensive] things that I need to do. I'm a week behind with everything and just too stressed to function too. Partner likes to argue with me every chance he gets as icing to the cake. I need another 3 month vacation.

I guess that bothers me a bit because she used to be so open minded and actually nice to be around. Religion has brainwashed her like it does with too many people. Kudos to her for finding something to believe in (we all need a degree of that) but good god the zealotry is incredible. Incredibly bad.

The most non religious, goth girl in high school up until a few months ago (who is also on my Facebook friends list) found God and Jesus and damn it, she’s gonna let the whole world know. Did you know God doesn’t approve of my marriage (though zero religion was involved)? Do you know how many fucks I give?

Good morning. Today I will accomplish great things... if it can be done with me sitting in floor and it involves coffee.

For the last 5 days, I have been lying to people here about when I leave. Ooops. I'm confused what day it is constantly when I'm not working lol

I dropped my keyboard and mouse receiver in coffee ☕️ last night. Will it work today? We shall see.

Oh, that Raspberry Pi 4 is the 4GB version. I decided that I'm gonna use my older one as a dedicated media box for my bedroom TV--though playing retro games on it would be nice too. :)

Finally feeling better. I've been using my Raspberry Pi 4 as my main computer. It's been interesting. I can't get Mednaffe to play nicely with my wireless SNES controllers (from Vilros) and also can't get anything from Higan to sound nice with anything. Sound is a bit messed up with some apps like Telegram Desktop. Other than that it's been nice, but I miss my Mac. lol

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