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I want an 8 GB Raspberry Pi but I just got the 4 GB one for Christmas. I have a feeling that my days of buying the little gadgets I love is going to have to end. I have to start looking for houses soon. I’m moving out of the outback and back into the city early next year.

My Malayalam is marginally better than it used to be. Slowly but sure learning by necessity. ;)

Isn’t it amazing how one of your workmates can totally shit up your day? I’m so glad it’s over.

I've had to go through the weekend with my Hue lights and no bridge. :( Australia Post says it'll be here tomorrow but they say a lot of things they don't mean. I'm also getting my new desk because the one I have is a total piece of crap. Husband likes it tho, so I'm giving it to him.

Isn't it funny? My sleep is shit lately and I complain about it all the time, yet here I am guzzling down caffeine at 8 pm.

I am getting new toys. New desk. New smart lights by Philips Hue. I’m looking forward to playing with the lights in the Vivaldi browser. :)

I've always had decent, if not good, experiences ordering from HP in the USA... in Australia? Nope. They don't understand how excited (and impatient) I get over new gadgets. Sad really. ;)

I ordered a laptop from HP in April which is still not here. Covid-19, sure. They said it would be here on Mon, but I'm still waiting. They provided a tracking number to me for one of *their* shipments of what I'm guessing is at least 10 laptops. The customer service has been abysmal but I'd rather have that than 3 year old technology in a newly released Mac.

It's kind of funny. My autumn in Australia is colder than my winter in the USA last year. I wish that my walls weren't paper-thin though. :(

I got a Mountain Dew out of the box and found a pubic hair on it. Things must get super crazy at the canning plant.

If I could “just get over it”, I would... happily.

Work has SUCKED lately. I have had a few really, really terrible nights at work. Took some antihistamines to catch up on sleep, and still only managed 4 hours. I'm really starting to worry about my mental health lately.

Joy-con drift has made me not want to play anything on my Switch. Welcome back?

I had a lot of distressing dreams last night. I had a dream that I dropped a dachshund and I woke up in a panic. Then later, dreamt that I fell on a magpie and crushed it. :( I gave up and got out of bed then. I love dachshunds and magpies. :(

Gotta love when you have a deadline at noon, when you thought it was 5 pm, and you're done with it by 9:30 am! Yay! :)

I'm so glad the egg thing in Animal Crossing ends today.

Eat. Sleep. Work. Animal Crossing. That is my life lately.

I’m a healthcare worker myself and it’s a very trying time right now. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my coworkers and the people who keep things tidy and clean. They’re putting some serious hard work right now.

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