kicked out of nickelodeon's badge arcade for insisting that team rocket's defeat slogan is "looks like team rocket's blasting rope again"

Behold my deadliest curse* to date: Turn Ass to Corn

*careful, as its highly corntagious

i bought some furry smut comics at BLFC Show more

i bought some furry smut comics at BLFC Show more

when I was but a wee bairn I used to fantasize about the idea of a nintendo that shot money out of it in relation to your score

as a grown ass adult, I still want that

spaghetti western but they keep doing jojo poses during the duel

no this isn't hol horse

this is something different and completely unique, like if zelda was a girl

I can't believe this person is using their twilight years to commission me

Defeatism isn't a good look on anyone but your enemies. If they go low, elbow them in the back of the head. If they go high punch them right in the sack. If they want a fight bring brass knuckles. But deciding you lost before you start isn't how shit gets done.

Washington has a regional grocery chain called QFC which I know is supposed to be an initialism for Quality Food Ctore but my brain will only read it as Queesus Fucking Christ

I wonder how many good and drink specials there were when May resigned.

*me, just taking the worlds hugest bong rip from a stack of monstrous manuals*


this one owns though, but I might have to dock myself some nerd cred points because I originally thought "who's that lotioning up lex luthor's head"

huh, apparently later iterations of x-men cartoons reference the fleer ultra card

hey, turns out that these x men spring break cards

actually suck a lot, don't they

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