jojo: Golden wind 

In two episodes mista has been more useful with a gun than the entire rest of the series history with them, even with his dumb ham hat

Saw a statue of Perseus yesterday and all I gotta say is that you can't get turned to stone if you're already cake

damn, P

I have decided that the rat wizard's name is Genna Dreamcaster, because she does what nintendain't

I will continue to lean into less popular gaming consoles and dead media formats for other fun character details because I, too, am a Readied Player Two

mildly horny SL character 

Made a new character on SL recently. Still trying to come up with a name for her, but she's a rat wizard and comes from the land of ~videoed games~

I am a wordsmith. I described this SL avatar as looking like a guy "whose video on micro machines got demonitized because he said too many slurs"

(To the tune of spooky scary skeletons)

Tiger Titty Pikachu

Ontario. The big 'ronto. Some call it the city by the bay, some call it the Big Easy. Most people know it as the headquarters of the extremely legitimate US Tax Headquarters.

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Looks like last night I got an IRS spam call from my nearest branch in *squinting*

ontario, canada

birdsite and... teeth? 

I've got brainworms that makes me check current trending things elsewhere and for some reason is trending and it's just a hashtag of people showing off their fursonas with big sharp chompy teeth because of a shitty take some chud had, so...

teeth teeth teeth teeth teeth


Welp, I am now the proud owner of three fillings on my aggressive grind spots. Apparently I'm good to go ASAP after they're put in, but I'll still wait a while before eating today. On the plus side, this might mean I won't have tooth sensitivity after eating sour foods anymore, I hope.

We had a fun experience today of a centipede in the house and now it's time to remove the house.

So do you think Doctor Frankencrime changed their name to that or are the Frankencrimes a respected family dynasty

When is Doctor Frankencrime joining our favorite supervillain groups

Normally I wouldn't post cropped artwork but fuck this guy and also cool frankencrime's monster

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There is an incredibly stupid boot licker political cartoon going around and my major takeaway from it is that Frankenstein's monster wearing a shirt that just says CRIME is a hot summer look.

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