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Comptuer Hubsand

Today is the kind of day where I just feel like I can't get started.

Stop asking "can a ghost nut" and START asking "SHOULD a ghost nut"

@ComputerHusband I have seen this thing posted by at least four accounts I follow now

Everybody is going nuts for this picture of Luiz Fellipe, but(t)...

A hacker story where a character uses a converted fast food deep fryer as a case to oil-cool their rig

I love how perfect that image is as a background on Mastodon because your icon goes right to the center.

Man why don't OTHER fluids come in boxes??? Wine is so good in a box.

TFW you eat the century soup in Toriko NEW CROSSED WIRES UPDATE IS LIVE! It’s showdown time and nobody’s playing fair.

Read from the beginning here: Buy the book here: … Send me a tip here:

Basically for the entirety of my life, from between March and April, something just reaches into my soul and cranks things down to a lukewarm simmer. I'm not overcome with grief, but I don't want to do much of ANYTHING, even things that I normally enjoy.

pisces time = the morbs

what if in modern versions of batman the Riddler had a question mark shaped bulge in his dumbass matthew lesko zentai suit

the traditional 49 prim latex yule goat

eat a spoonful of goatradish, however, to maintain a shiny goat

eat a spoonful of horseradish to maintain a shiny coat

Things to remind my brain of when I start to get the Brain Spiders: there's a lot of things I enjoy making foodwise that are really easy to make, even when I'm feelin' sad

like cinnamon sugar spread for toast. Or toad in the hole.