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Computer Husband @ComputerHusband

I can't believe that odo is Pepe le pew

@idesofmerch Not even a single mod to make Wakka into Bender and/or Jake the Dog. The Mod Nexus is slipping.

Maybe Bender is too erotic for FFX and you'd have to go to like Lovers Lab

@idesofmerch Also a surprising standout, a 4K updated model for the shoopuf

It is getting warm again outside and with our schedule, it means that the birds (aka CHIRP JERKS) are in full force directly outside our apartment.

@irisjaycomics @Ferrovore I can't believe they zandatsu'd their dicks together

@irisjaycomics @Ferrovore besides, raiden kisses sam and genji kisses mercy. COMPLETELY different characters

@Ferrovore @irisjaycomics kazoos of nature is a good song for when you're about to send someone to the shadow realm in scrabble or something.

When your friends are roasting you but you like it and know you deserve it

@idesofmerch it isn't? I mean that seems INCREDIBLY obvious, so I'm surprised as well.

We have successfully ordered a switch and I am now getting things to make EVERY dessert.

I don't know what it is, specifically ,about our local gamestops but they've all actually been SUPER nice and helpful over our near-decade in Reno. Even our lesser-preferred ones are still good, just more awkward to get to.

I had a dream in which a friend of my grandfather was playing a game where anime avatars yelled racist and sexist jokes at each other for points and I was so done with being around that, I went to another state.

@wolfteeth as a desert friend I can take the mantle of Sand Dan

@idesofmerch OH GOOD, we're both broken in the same way.