"I gotta have support, otherwise [my testicles] will go on an adventure, just like Osmosis Jones."
-me, on the subject of underwear preference.

stupid terfy shit and Sir Terry Pratchett (refuting them through his writing) 

Here's a couple of Discworld quotes taken from Twitter as of late. As you do, for no reason in particular.

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stupid terfy shit and Sir Terry Pratchett 

I am not surprised terfs are attempting to claim an English author because the track record is pretty good for them, but I am extremely glad that his daughter, Rhianna Pratchett, immediately came out and made a public statement that they're wrong, her father wholeheartedly stood against their kind of bullshit, and that it would have been IMMEDIATELY obvious if they read basically any of his books from even as early as the 90s.

Drawing a background over and over and over again makes me not want to add a lot of tiny details, but making a 3D model that I'll be repeatedly using? Folks, it's the opposite.

Grabbed the magnetic poetry word list off of their website to fill the fridge in my comic.

I have been playing the world's worst scavenger hunt for my job today which involves confirming whether or not certain items even exist or not and my brain has become this on loop: youtu.be/3z0uUVEM2Kk

Crossposted this one to birdsite and it's interesting seeing what all people spent countless pages of ink and paper on. Gameshark codes, DBZ moves, breeding guides for weird games, and in at least one case, a full on doujin.

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Being a millennial means that one point in your life you wasted a ton of the family computer's printer paper printing out an improperly formatted GameFAQs walkthrough on inane shit like "list of Gau's rages"

There's a new Mahjongster, and while I could either take or leave the character themselves, I really do like the monitor punch emote.

Hey almond advertising Twitter this just looks like a fanny pack fulla beans

Oh neat it's wildfire season again and guess what, PG&E is likely responsible for setting the west coast on fire... again!

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