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Comptuer Hubsand

yo I got jalapeno juice in my eye while deseeding and cutting a bunch of peppers for a curry I plan on making later down the week

what up

the future is writing down what your pants are and just being able to click a fuckin button and order more of them

Today I have found out that almond milk works pretty alright for me so far -- we'll see to make sure that I don't have any tum betrayals as the night goes on

somebody else can do a better job of it later, I at least banished it from my head for now

Anniversary dinner: our favorite sushi place, who has a new guy working here and is actually REALLY good, and now the meal is over and we're just talking about paranormal encounters we have had. GOODMEAL

*slamming my fists rhythmically on the table* gacha gacha gacha

I am being haunted by the memories of that one turkey dinner in that image series that was glazed with purple and glitter.

it was the imageset that had ranch dressing in spray bottles like windex too

nice differences between Mastodon and Twitter: a post on Mastodon that gets double digits on likes and follows feels like it's blowing up.

food (mostly prepwork) Show more

things that made it hard for me to sleep:
* nasal drip
* rowdy youths
* a text wishing happy marriage birthday
* the birds outside wanna fuck and are telling everybody
* a dream in which a moderately popular artist(fuck if I know which one) called out MY DARLING WIFE as being a PROBLEMATIC(definitely on tumblr)
* a second dream where wario was a referee for professional wrestling

In a shocking twist of events, it turns out that there's some garbage people with real bad takes who are also interested in rune stuff and now that's gonna be a fun minefield to navigate

At least with tarot I could theoretically just grab the Garfield Tarot and be pretty safe there

Fell into a hole reading about tunes and the like for the purposes of fortune telling in games and the like, had a brief amusement at the fact that there's a LOT of people mad about some chumbo named Ralph Blum who just kind of made up a bunch of stuff in the 80s and how his books get review-bombed by grumpy folks

And then I found a bunch of archival stuff that when I went to go see what else this person uploaded regarding funsy rune times, WHOOPSIES DAISY, turns out they're a big ole racist.

as I wind down for the night, I remember that somebody described LaCroix as being like sitting in a room sipping water while somebody next door angrily shouts the names of fruits.

Also for those of y'all who went on the WinCo Trip, the bizarre pricing of BUBLY brand fizzy water was either a promotional thing or something because it is now DOUBLE that price, easily, while every other fizzy water remained the same.

Remember your ABCs

What is cottage core

is that just wanting to live in a cute house in the woods and hang ladles on the wall or something

You got: "mean gay quote deer unquote"

A very specific result.