welp I went through the entirety of my tumblr history to save the most important images I hadn't already saved, so all that was left was to post this image and delete the account

oh good I was able to save my FELLOW TEENS post off of tumblr before the final purge

After my coffee I'm back up to my normal human number of bones which is somewhere around 20.

Yeah, 20 bones sounds right

Big Science doesn't want you to know that you change the number of bones you have during the day. For instance, when I wake up, I only have a skull and one singular fucked-up-Tetris-piece of a bone to get from place to place until I get a cup of coffee

adventures in meat reduction: TVP Show more

*grabs chair and flips it around all cool like, turns hat around backwards*

so 4 bucks for a half pound of tempeh is some bullshit right

Me slamming my third glass of full creamy eggnog; "what the fuck is lactose intolerance"

got an email from the bank saying "DEFEND YOURSELF FROM CYBER ATTACKERS" and my brain immediately went to "SURVIVING EDGED WEAPONS"

which some of y'all might better recognize from This Hat

kinda maudlin thoughts about the late Sir Terry Show more


Me, finding out that nutritional yeast isn't actually yeast: whaT

I do not care much about fighting games but please protect sonicfox forever

I can't believe that gex was voted sexiest gamer icon AGAIN

Also I normally don't put randos from warframe on blast on here but this one is too good to not share

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