I can't believe baby yoda accidentally crawled into a deep fryer during the grand opening of an outback steakhouse and got turned into a bloomin' onion. Saddest shit I ever saw.

Another from the backlog pile, this time for a Design-A-Dragon meme I did on Twitter. The components were:

Twisted, vine-wrapped horns.
Fiery mane
Hummingbird wings
Bobbit worm body
Shrimp tail
Red skin

(also had cephalopod eyes but I forgot to add them oops)

Good god I'm so behind my uploads here this year. Some fun character designs I did for my Alteir worldbuilding setting. These two serve under Captain Drakefang as gunners and also are the ones that help guard the ship's ammo supply.

more cigar time 

Been a pretty shit week so I tried one of those green ass candelas I ordered a few weeks ago. Gonna hold off on a more comprehensive review of em because I don't feel like journaling and just want to be outside with a smoke, but they were nice enough and they straight up smell and taste like green tea before you light them up, which is kind of neat.

I've got quite a few to burn through, but it's a mild bummer that they're literally an exclusive to one company website.


I'm glad that I've got the little fold out in the upstairs office because sometimes you take a shit and just gotta lie down afterwords.

just spent an entire shower imagining an antagonist for Miss Frizzle

Today's a good day to spread a pointless lie, like the fact that all the incidental music in Doug was written by Danzig to 'cool down'

It's a balmy night in the desert at almost 11 PM and all of the crickets are singing their hottest fuck jamz

Ferro: "Things learned today: the inventor of chiropracty was not only not a licensed medical doctor, they were given the inspiration for the field *by a ghost.*"

Me: "was this Victorian era? 'A benign spirit told me to shove your bones around' feels Victorian."

Narrator voice: it was Victorian era

Your infrequent reminder that King of Dragon Pass is a real game, and this is not a joke event.

Free cape content for anybody who wants it: the Sexquestrian

I will not be taking questions.

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