just ending up on a weird online tear on the extended weekend, as you do?

oh today(11/26) is apparently the 10th year anniversary of the PogChamp twitch emote, aka the emote that the guy who ended up being a complete trashfire of a human being ABSOLUTELY HATES being part of his brand.

poggers out, everybody

spreading the gospel that santa is just the shortened version of his full name, Kristopher Santana Kringle

Stuck at work alone and just remembered out of the blue the worlds biggest embodiment of a human Kill Bill siren -- a dude in community college who in the middle of a normal conversation, unprompted, decided to start talking about how Abraham Lincoln was the worst president we have ever, or ever will, have.

They're apparently making a Clifford movie: finally a story to unite us all, a dog who is bigger than normal dogs

I wonder if he knows marmaduke

Me, just before getting kicked out of a window into a dumpster in a Yakuza game.

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whats up gamers mountain dew here with the crosspromotion with call of duty cold war here to let you know that every time you slam one of our sweet, sweet dews, you get entered into a gacha drawing to shoot Reagan with upwards of 100 different unique guns!

Get Your Gamer Fuel... Today!

ended up looking up more information on the Butthole Sunlight people and I cannot imagine any world in which I find myself wanting to put sunblock on my taint.

last night: mmm yum yum funeral potatoes just for me

today: oh no, many fart, my tummyguts... how could this happen

let's all go to the titties-out dairy queen

hot eats cool teats

Then again, as mentioned on Twitter, I need to be aware that I'm not just pulling some kind of Achewood thing on myself where I'm pining for a social media environment that doesn't exist anymore and hasn't for quite some time.

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Ended up with the brain spiders last night and went through a bunch of pre-deletion twitter threads and I miss that sort of thing.

I'm not planning on leaving the Nasty Masty anytime soon, but I do think I want to start using Twitter more in conjunction with things, especially with potential political climes changing. If I can stop waking up every morning to a thunderous wall of local atrocities, it might be nicer to use.

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