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Comptuer Husband

I just had the idea of doing a commission/art in the style of a Tiger Electronics Handheld Game and that is a wonderful idea.

@ComputerHusband also it is apparently STUPID high in potassium. K

I have finally tried coconut water from a can after having seen gallons upon gallons upon pallets of the stuff in my warehouse days.

It kinda tastes like milk that somebody soaked a nut in once.

Please cancel everything today. Too sleepy

Guh it stinks like cheap weed in the lab right now

@ComputerHusband I want to eat nintendo entertainment cereal out of a zelda bowl and watch cartoons. I do not get to do many things after work. Please let me have this

I don’t care if it is just big dumb consumerism I Love amiibos and they are my real and powerful friends

Holy shit they made super Mario odyssey cereal AND the box counts as an amiibo? That is dumb as hell and I love it

Gross: talking about burns Show more

I am having a time of things and one of the threads keeping me okay is just imagining a blank rerecordable VHS with a masking tape label that just says “im gay”

I do not know why this is anchoring me but I will take it

*goldfinger - Superman but being played from the bottom of a well*

I love to make characters on survival games who live underground because I want to be in a hole

I should see if I still have a sushi mat for trying to make things like gimbap

What is my favorite kind of sushi


@ComputerHusband because at this point I am just so exhausted that I can barely enjoy the things I like, and if it were just me, I would gladly just cut off my nose to spite my face

Hey Netflix, maybe today of all days was not the best one to announce a rate hike

Thanks in advance

day by day I have been assembling my outfit from deliveries. By the end of the week, I'll be a voltron