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tonight Ferro is serenading me with tales of the dumbass unicorn variants from 2E AD&D

Trying to figure out who to do for tomorrow's if I should do my minotaur, Steph, or the good science boy

I like how as far back as even AD&D, there were varieties of non-drow elves that were basically "and then there's THESE fuckers that even other elves don't like"

the fuckers in question are grugach (wood elves that read the anarchist's cookbook) and valley elves (i liiterally have no idea why all elves hate valley elves)

@Ferrovore @irisjaycomics I don't know why in this scenario one of the stands is that octopus that predicts soccer games though, thanks brain???

@irisjaycomics @Ferrovore just one person eating a tiramasu and the other is having an espresso and on the astral plane there's just balls and tentacles everywhere.

jackin off at the walmart on the astral plane

@wolfteeth when you work swing shift, it's always after dark*

[applies only during certain times of year]

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