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Comspooper Pupkin

(in extremely whispering voice) whoever left a half donut in an entire 24-pack box up by the coffee machine — you are my enemy

Wasn’t able to fully shake off the cruddy feelings of yesterday but a good nights sleep with non-stressful dreams helped. Apparently in my brainscape, am adult education/college setting that looks like an airport is totally a reasonable and not stressful idea

due to several small missteps that basically built up to one giant misstep, we are coming into a shift where basically nothing got done

on a day where we got in like 700 samples

today is snake day

every day is snake day if you're a snake

oh right I can do that thing where I can take medicine for aches and pains

So is quark utena or anthy

(okay for real though quark is nanami)

I did not realize you can have an animated icon as your icon on Mastodon. That is cool news

@ComputerHusband I cannot overstate how deeply it was carved in — somebody absolutely tried to remove it at some point but it is still 100% legible.

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Tired: quoting actual Seinfeld episodes
Wired: “I’m a Sims speedrunner, Jerry!”

I am glad that I do most of these posts at night because it means people get to wake up to them and go “good grief”

Seinfeld fursona thoughts:

George is literally just duckman
Jerry is a meerkat, inspired by The Lion King
Kramer is a human because “humans are the kings of all beasts and that’s just using your brain right there”
Not wholly sure on Elaine. Like a cat-dragon hybrid

would Newman be a crux