I think that's the big thing for toriko-- if I want to see muscular dudes beat each other up anime-style, there's about fifty billion better shows to watch. It only really stays super engrossing to me when Komatsu gets to actually do a cook

Anyway, I drew a 24-page NSFW M/M comic for Shousetsu Bang*Bang and you can read it here, for free:


This one fought me a bit during the scripting stage (I had an entire set of page layouts for a separate paleolithic story I ended up flushing because it just didn't feel natural!), but I think the finished version is cute and breezy. And touches on the concepts of self-reinvention and self-induced loneliness because of course it does, I wrote it!

... are you serious am I stuck on this loading screen after spending nearly thirty minutes on this mission

The coldest take I have ever seen on the new warframe song video is "it's not the developers who work hard on the game, but the players."

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And while I've yet to go personally spelunking in threads about it, I am amused that "we all lift together" has some people going "guys, debtors prison labor camps make me feel BAD, is this intended???"

Oh look people have combined the things I like: cute cat memes and work camp songs! youtu.be/HLlDHAHFF7Y

Last night in the car I referred to volcanoes as "spicy mountains" so yo what's up

I am glad that my brain is broken in the same way as Ferro's because I can't get parts of THE MOST UNWANTED MUSIC out of my head

do all your shopping... at walmart


You will never convince me that every animator studio doesn't have a secret Geddan button they can press to make their rigs flail around

Today I want to pick up friends on each arm. Don't know why.

A pup named scooby doo was a weird cartoon because there would just be musical numbers where people would do that weird kick dance

Is the kick dance somebody's fetish

My crew: hey (ch) whatcha thinking about?
Me, internally: it's heckled up that elephants just have human tity
Me, externally: samples

Fuck I forgot the Mickey Mouse pancakes strip

how are there so many good achewoods

I don't know about y'all but I have extremely known Æ2C53

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