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@Ferrovore @Aros Egwyre getting the stink-eye because he just did shades of grey.

@Aros @Ferrovore "I really like the swirly designs because screw you"

@Aros @Ferrovore 2000 word story where Brex and Carris do tie-dye shirts together.

I can't believe there's a single werewolf in the beastie boys, I feel this is misrepresentation

I wish I could see who favorited other people's posts because I am nosy and excited to see who likes re creatures and pals that Ferro draws because they're all such good friends

@Ferrovore toot toot, here comes the yacht

except not really because it's immobile

Kicked out of the round table pizza for demanding a wumbo cumbo

I need to stay up about 15 more hours to be back on sleeping schedule, but given I've already been up for 17... it looks unlikely.

A nap might help, but hoofah doofah.

I keep playing minecraft because I love digging a hole and burying myself in it.

also because I have trouble super getting into the other constructive sandbox games I've got for more than a few days.

@DirkGrundy brands need to chill the fuck out. They won't, but they need to.

Congrats to @Ferrovore for finishing off another sketchbook completely!

Fun times on vacation: a grandparent seeing LaCroix Wood and cheerfully proclaiming "Oh, now that's a female dog!"

we did not feel like getting into that conversation.

@Ferrovore Progress is extremely good so far, and Brayce is a very cute name.

@Ferrovore he made a very good katar bu-OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE

@Ferrovore I'm pretty sure we actually died on our way to our home planet tho