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Comptuer Hubsand

Whoever it is, the other one is togepi and I'm just stuck at work making some deep mashup cuts I guess

It's probably either soldier 76 or torbjorn and it's the most generic ass fursona of them all

Which overwatch character is the Allan Wolf of getting commissions of their fursona

Singing a song about fried green tomatoes to the tune of move your dead bones

As you do

(Whispers) I just want to be able to put water in the nether on Minecraft so I can colonize it better

Shoutout to me accidentally teaching my phone to autocorrect the word "knife" to knofe

I'm glad that I've gone from being nice and sleepy to unfocused anxiety about having to exist.

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Looking at a video of the 1994 super toy run, the fact that they paid a kid to fly to Hawaii and grab ten thousand dollars(in 1994 money) worth of merchandise in five minutes for a bumper ad that lasted maybe a minute tops...

might be part of the reason you don't see stuff like the super toy run anymore

Struck with a suddenly maudlin thought out of nowhere. As a kid, the absolute dream was being the one chosen by the Nickelodeon shopping spree at kaybee toys/toys r us every summer

I really don't know what happened between now and then but I don't ever really hear about people winning time based shopping sprees anymore

Also toy stores don't exist in nearly the same capacity they used to.

Also also I was HEARTBROKEN to find that the final event in Supermarket Sweep isn't actually a spree.

Please hire some apes in bunraku suits to haul my tired ass around the apartment today

Briefly was worried that my hair was beginning to do a FRIGHTENING thing where an amorphous blob shape in the middle was growing at quarter speed and at a weird texture

turns out I just did a REAL shit job of washing the shampoo out of my hair tonight

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bleem Machine

good morning everybody

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