blizzard and corporate politics (-) 

Welp glad I'm not really doin any blizzard stuff at the moment because it looks like blizzard suspended a top level competitor, rescinded all his prize money, and banned him for a year for vocally supporting the protests in Hong Kong after a tournament win. They also apparently fired both the sportscasters who had no idea he was gonna say anything about it and didn't cut his mic.

but fucky overwatch though~

blizzard and corporate politics (-) 

@ComputerHusband @KeetahSpacecat even better it turns out they DID cut his mic as soon as they realized what he was doing but they still got fired anyway

blizzard and corporate politics (-) 

@fluffy @ComputerHusband something similar has happened to the NBA since a player tweeted support for the protesters and China is throwing a fit over it

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