the difference between mastadon and twitter is that on mastadon you're allowed to get horny and also there are no nazis
or so it had been explained me

financial support request 

hello pls boost so my followers on my other account can follow me on here

i dunno if i'm gonna actually use mastodon or what buuuttt

as a quick intro to myself: I'm a spiteful rage filled queer who is against the state and for molotovs

I live by the three Ps:

Punch nazis
Punch terfs
Post good jokes on mastodon

politics, race 

Mastodon in 2018: new posters grapple for likes, shares and follows as they work through the trauma induced by artificial scarcity on twitter

Mastodon in 2020: users have adapted to a post-scarcity society, social capital is shared equitably, everyone can finally focus on Haveing Fun Online

things i should refrain from doing: scrolling through to catch up on all the posts my follows have put on my feed
things i'm doing: that

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