The second most upvoted issue on the Mastodon repo is only two days old 😳
But it is really a great idea tbh

@ConnyDuck I'm going to reply to your toot because you haven't disabled replies

@ConnyDuck the most awesome thing about it, is that there is the possibility at all to influence the direction of development.

@ConnyDuck but Mastodon is already super complex... but some people really want it.. uh-oh

@charlag @ConnyDuck Ideally this would be a totally different software... but people want Mastodon to do everything because it's the most mature software in this space.

@trwnh @ConnyDuck not necessarily. Sometimes you just really want to vent or something

@charlag @ConnyDuck i mean the frontend. masto UI is tuned for interaction with prominent reply buttons and notifications. i don't think people should expect every app to do everything. i'd be fine with a separate outbox for "broadcast mode", and a different frontend to write to that outbox. maybe even as a separate actor with no inbox, to fully enforce "no replies possible".

@ConnyDuck Maybe I just don't get it but presumably one uses social media to discuss things. Why would you want to distance yourself from or hinder that? The whole idea of having a life on the internet is always going to be a double edged sword sort of deal the way I see it. If you're going to vent about something, or make a personal declaration you're also going to have to suffer the slings and arrows of those same people whomst you have shared it with otherwise what's the point?

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