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@ConnyDuck breaking shit, because google chrome devs are assholes.

@ConnyDuck I not at all for chrome, but I can totally understand their reasoning.

www is very a, very, very, often the same as if you leave it away. Sometimes sysadmins are too stupid to properly redirect them and sometimes. Only a minority of sites serve different content there and one could argue that this is bad practice/confuses users.


@ConnyDuck * that "www.example.www.example.com" is of course a bug and totally silly
* hiding the m. subdomain is crazy, considering sites are verya often different
* of course the correct URL should still be copied (don't know whether it does)

@ConnyDuck lol there are so many people here getting upset because their websites have been user hostile for 15 years and someone is finally calling them out on it

@ConnyDuck Safari not displaying the entire URL is already bad, but actively directing to a completely different domain is stupid af

@ConnyDuck Embrace, Extend, Extinguish -- Google intends to succeed where Microsoft failed.

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