Only 3 crashes?
Either you folks aren't using Tusky beta or it has no crashing bugs ಠ_ಠ

@ConnyDuck I'm using it since you announced it. No bugs and no crashes so far. :)

I'm not explore-testing the app though. Just using it. On that note: Thanks for the high-quality work!

@ConnyDuck I'm not sure if it's a new feature, but automatic color scheme adjustment isn't working for me. Using Tusky 4.0 on a OnePlus One with Android 8.1.0

@ConnyDuck So far so good for me it's very stable. 0 complains

TL;DR: media viewer was invisible

I had a strange bug with overlay, but cannot reproduce it. In short: on bad internet connection I clicked on media, viewed it, swiped back, clicked again. No photo viewer appeared, but application thought it was there (status bar was dimmed and I couldn't scroll visible timeline), then I swiped invisible photo viewer and it's okay.

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