There seem to be some crashy crashes in 4 :thaenkin:
Please send all hints on how to reproduce my way, the stacktraces alone don't make the most sense

One may happen when trying to compose a toot on an instance without custom emojis. Can somebody confirm this?

aha its instances too old too even have custom emojis!

@ConnyDuck besides the evergreen bugs I didn't get any crashes - didn't even notice I'm on 4.0 👍

@ConnyDuck 4.0 has been very solid so far, but I don't know if it's my instance or another issue but on the last stable 3.x release, the "open the app twice to load content" issue I had for a while was fixed, but returned again on 4.0. Really odd lol, but it's no biggie for me. Thanks for the release!

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