It's time to make this official:

Hi, I'm @maloki, and I've joined the team.

My main focus will be answering you questions here, (check out our pinned posts), working on a FAQ, and figure out funding avenues.

I'll also work with the rest of the team @ConnyDuck , @charlag and other contributors, to move the project forward by listening to your feedback and trying to make your experience even better.

@Tusky @maloki @ConnyDuck @charlag

Searched, couldn't find a FAQ or user forum. Trying to figure out how to open DMs in Tusky, also poked around the app thoroughly first, no luck...

@DJ_Pure_Applesauce DMs are currently in notifications, iirc, more in line with how the web-ui used to be. @Tusky @ConnyDuck @charlag

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