Anybody here who uses on a tablet?

@ConnyDuck I do. It's been giving me bad-referral-URL when attempting to oauth, though.

@sysadmin1138 have you tried clearing the apps data? Does that change anything?

@ConnyDuck Yep! Cleared it right up. I've had that on there since April, so probably was crufty.

@ConnyDuck me! Works as good as it does on my phone (why wouldn't it?), but it could make better use of the screen space, say with two (or many) columns.

@ConnyDuck I can install it on my Nexus 7 first gen Android 5.0

It is mostly used for reading and image surfing anyway

Should I put a debug build on, Or the one in the store?

@tibike_m oh thx, but no, theres no need for that. I just wanted to get a picture of how many people use Tusky on tablets so I know if it makes sense to do some tablet optimizations

@ConnyDuck I can help, if not optimizing for tablets then I can lend a hand in other issues.

@tibike_m if you want to help, a good start is having a look at our open issues or at our roadmap
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me :)

@ConnyDuck looked at the issues, and looked trough the project, what do you say for start if I add Hungarian translations?

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