@ConnyDuck so, then I immediately tap log out. Type in mastodon.social. Now when I do that, the app immediately slides down and hides, lol

@ConnyDuck delete all data. Log in. Immediately log out. Try to log in again.

@piecritic yes indeed, can reproduce. thx for finding that, will try to fix it


If I "hide" photo (eye icon) and switch tab from Home to Global, photo becomes "visible" again. Also app restart un-hides it.
Bug or intended behaviour?

@groosha well some tradeoffs were made and the state is only saved in memory. Tusky definitely needs some persistent toot cache to solve several problems including this one, but it will be a lot of work

@ConnyDuck ah, that's okay then. I'm still learning Mastodon, maybe it was some strange feature I was unaware about.
Take your time, your app is truly awesome!

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