I love the look of the new text input fields

not all need icons, I think it already looks quite good like this

In 4 you will be able to switch accounts while composing (with some limitations)

@qwazix Black theme on tablet: I think the strip on the side of timelines should be black as well, can you have a look please?

Just got the cutest glass ever from my girlfriend :blobcat:

Hi I am Konrad a.k.a Conny. I am a software engineer and I make Apps for a large retail chain in four days a week. (Something gotta pay the bills.) In my free time I try to organize with other people against our far-right government. When Im not doing that I maintain @Tusky, a Mastodon client for Android. I also like to paint with watercolors and travel around Europe. Here is a picture of me in front of the Belvedere in Vienna.

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