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@LeeteqXV @tom79 it has followers-only visibility, thats possible for every status

reminder that my new main account is now @ConnyDuck and you should follow me over there

I have a new primary Mastodon account -> @ConnyDuck
This account will be closed soon, follow the new account for updates and the occasional post ✨

@benny hat keine custom emojis und damit auch ein leeres emoji keyboard in Tusky The two things have nothing to do with each other. The emojifonts you can download in the settings change the appearance of system emojis, while the emoji button in the compose screen would show your instance's custom emojis. Apparently your instance does not have custom emojis.

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yeeeees Robolectric tests work again in AndroidStudio

Two new elephant friend artworks coming to nightly today thx to @erbmaster and @charlag! Who spots them first?

@mlsmith current stable doesn't have the ability, but current nightly already has a cache and we know the exact position is also a highly requested feature

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