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so highest priority for 5: a solution for the DM-problem

77 commits to master since last release. I guess its time for Tusky 4 beta 1

Tusky-Nightly-Users! The current nightly build is release candidate for 4! Please tell me about all problems you find!

Coming to today: Completely revamped settings. Please tell me what you think!

Newest Firefox Nightly keeps logging me out of everything every few minutes. The hell is this?

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you, a reasonable human being: software is really bad, wow. maybe developers should try harder?

me, a software developer, shivering with anxiety, sublime text open with twelve projects: I M T R Y I N G

its probably best I haven't brought my notebook or I would start 3 new apps right now

was super awesome! but my brain can't fit so much new information asdfghjk

Should I go to a talk of a Google person or will it be too much Google propaganda? 馃

not all need icons, I think it already looks quite good like this

New pullrequest! It will change the settings a lot.
Comments very much welcome!

gradle build cache: 500k items, 12 gb of data. what.

Security and cookie headers are completely unneeded on REST-Api responses, am I right?

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