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Lion Hearts VII and Dutch Leeuwenharten VII have arrived. Unexpected, different and with new Rob Nanninga media files!
Published on his birthday: August 6. This would have been his 64th birthday. Happy Birthday, Rob!

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Couple more #Cycling pics of today, very smooth ride, the wind was on my side (SW), didn’t expect that. Cover of my bike chain broke loose. Had to throw it away, was broken. Real dirty legs because of that upon arriving home. 🌬🚴🏽‍♀️⛵️🦁

Oops, wrong calculation, 7 of the other ones was 17.5 mg THC. 😅

THC Amount this time was 10 mg more.

Heavy tripping, first time in my life. Maybe because I didn’t take my daily evening acetaminophen. Not comparable to the effects of alcohol.

It came fast, fast as lightning. Shocking in itself. Shocking as a total. Very hard tripping. Lasted one hour or so? Will describe it in a next Lion Hearts blog if that’s in the stars. Started with Rob Lion love explosion through Rob Lion Jealous.

Okay, took all six together. No waiting for hours. My Cannabis-unimpressed body is up to it.

I still have six of these square gummies, my ex gave me to try. Now I know a bit more about the difference THC and CBD, I think I can do all six together. 6x 4.5mg= 27. That is 6.75 of the tablets I took the other day. So about the same (I tried 7 in one session). Though these have a tiny bit of 0.5mg CBD in them, X6= 3mg. That shouldn’t be in the way.

Beginner experimenting with “Cannabis infused” (but up til now discovering my brain/body aren’t impressed, though good for more sleeping hours)

@Constantia friendships are made by helping and common interests
this can happen online but online friends cant help you move apartments or other physical activities

@Constantia slavic = russian/ukrainian/byelorussian/bulgarian/polish/czech/serbian/bosnian/croat/slovak/slovenian and some more

the stereotype for east slavs(rus/ukr/blr) is rounder face and strong nose

Second #gym of the week. Look what a terrific job my Hairdresser Demi did today. Yesterday, it was a mess.

Saw Kyle, but he’s way better looking, the man doesn’t realize he has a beautiful and fascinating face and persona.

First thing hairdresser said, was: Have you lost weight? And: I didn’t recognize you. (Because of this!)

Well, am afraid I haven’t lost weight, I am wearing high heeled shoes. Don’t even dare weigh myself, know I am too heavy. Am going to the gym more often though. Try to keep up with two times cycling a week too, but that’s real hard in California Summers.

Been to the hairdresser, couldn’t wait any longer, sooner than normal, was a total mess. Guess of the Summer time too. Hairdresser Demi gave me back my lion mane! 🙌🏽

@Constantia well the tablets are a scam obviously
also one good smoke is less than a gram since in that equasion you'd optimally split the gram into two joints and you would get high if you split the joint with like 2 other people
this means you'd need like 10 tablets to get noticeably high

Three of these and I don’t feel anything. And especially no “high”. My body is set to (Cannabis-) “Don’t touch that” modus, permanently.

@pla Too bad owl is not using Strava, you could see it on Strava Flyby.

This meal I just prepared was extremely good - beet salad: beets, apples, pickles, white onion, cranberries plus dressing combined with cooked and peeled potatoes and sweet corn with vegan butter spread.

I still have two big portions of the beet salad left and ate it yesterday as well. Versatile!

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