Dear Constantia,

Thank you for your touching and sincere tribute. I've known about PLA's passing since January 8th when another Mastodon user mentioned it. I too, as well as many others were devastated even though we only knew him online. Patrick was a kind soul.

I'm sorry for assuming you knew about it, I did think of informing you. Patrick's son posted a message on his father's Strava account.

@normand Thank you for your kind words. I was aware he wasn’t posting, but thought: that can have a reason. But unconsciously, I had some alarming thoughts already. I didn’t Google it, I think because of my “awareness” something could be wrong, the “denial thing”. And in very stormy times myself.. So I was one of the last ones to know . Yes, it’s hard to believe, he was a real friend to many. Not just so, really heart-felt. He is cycling the skies right now, so we had better look up a lot!

@Constantia thanks for writing that blog post and sharing the sad news.
I enjoyed chatting to @pla here, and looking at his blog posts, and ride maps.
He always had a supportive word and like for other people.
The world is diminished by his untimely passing.

@Constantia I just read your blog post about Patrick and I want to thank you thank for it. I think it's a lovely way to pay tribute to our friend and fellow cyclist. And although I miss the conversations with him here on Mastodon he's with me on every ride that I have made since I learned about what happened.

@ericbuijs I think your words and thoughts are the sweetest tribute for Patrick. Yes, let us think of him so that he can join our rides, and when we look up to the sky, we can join his celestial bike rides as well. 💜

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