Ugh our return flight this week is at 8:30am... how long before our flight should we get to Heathrow?

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When I was in my early 20s I taught myself to read hieroglyphics. I lost it in the intervening years but I can still recognize some of the letters (nun, uta, pe, seneb, ankh)

Aaaaaaah look who I met at the Tower of London!

Yay, I had a steak and ale pie for dinner! I fucking love this city.

Yay I'm spending the next 8 days with my boyfriend who I hardly see! (LDR sucks). Circumstances have changed such that we're going to be seeing a lot more of each other in the coming year, so there's that at least.

Anyway, super excited!

I dreamt that words were created by the spores of a fungus in a sacred cave. My job was to catalog them.

Well I wrote 2600 words today... I think that's all the productivity I have in me right now.

I've been a slug all weekend. I have accomplished nothing. Is it because I'm burnt out and need some downtime, or am I just lazy?

"Meritocracy in Theory and Practice", in which I delve into the history of meritocracy and illustrate why it's the worst possible system of governance for open source.

Today I finished filing my medical marijuana paperwork. Now to wait 6-12 weeks for that card.

And I've only had one issue with transphobia here

I tend to open up more here, because there's less pressure as a result.

I don't let myself obsess over follower count on here. It's nice.

I made up a word in a dream last night: “lacunescent”, when something is missing its defining characteristic. For example, a murder mystery without a murder, a car without its engine.

Is there a real word with this meaning?

So thankful for the opportunities this small device gives me. A podcast with 20k listeners. Maybe a thousand fans of my music. Telling stories— and sharing the stories of others— is what I live for.

Yes, what we need is more civil transphobia. Fuck right the hell off.

Also: first instance of hate speech I've seen on Mastodon.

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