So I got seriously doxed this week. I've observed that my healing process dealing with trauma seems to be:

1) Fear
2) Anger
3) Defiance

If you haven't already, take a minute to read the contributor covenant

I can't find a word to take issue with. It's just common courtesy.

That people do take issue with it shows how much work we have to do.

Keep up the great work @CoralineAda

I'm not stopping, I'm not backing down, and I won't be silenced.

If I’ve made the world better for even one marginalized person who made their life better through involvement with tech, it’s all worth it.

Tech has the potential to transform lives, and I want that potential to be accessible to as many people as possible.

That’s why I do this.

So maybe you know that someone hijacked the domain last night and posted a full dox on me including home address and SSN

Hey Mastodon-friends, do you know if a Kubernetes-based infracode for firing up an instance exists yet?

The recent horror festival of Tumblr and Facebook oppressing LGBT and sex workers has moved this well up in my priorities.

Boosts are super appreciated.

So anyway if you notice that I unfollowed you recently, that's the reason. No hard feelings?

I feel like the fediverse has a different culture, and cross-posting seems to violate that? I know that I approach my content here in a very different way. I'm more open and vulnerable. It feels safer (for now at least)

I get grumpy when people cross-post between Twitter and here, especially if I follow them in both places.

When they hear it maybe, but not when they read it.

Today's going to be busy. Book meeting with my co-author, doing some recording with a friend, dinner, then off to see Martin Atkins speak and topping it off with having drinks with him to discuss an upcoming project!

Yes, I'm totally wearing my wool witch hat all winter long!

Gonna start calling the idea to transition "the immasculate conception"

The alt right dudebros have been strangely silent about their favorite SJW speaking at the UN this week.

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Stopped by the UN early to get my badge for tomorrow!

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