Linux (!) just joined Apple, Microsoft, and Google in adopting the code of conduct I created, Contributor Covenant.


How does "Linux" adopt something?

Did you mean to say, "Linus?"

@CoralineAda shame it's even needed. Never understood why people just can't leave each other alone when it comes to the negative. I guess we humans love dwelling there sometimes.

@CoralineAda interesting that the Code of Conduct replaces the Code of Conflict. I’m happy with this change and am thankful for your contribution:)

@CoralineAda amazing! I really **really** hope next time Linus acts like he's famous for, people stand up and apply this code. It won't have much of an effect if the project's founder can completely ignore it 😕

@CoralineAda and now that I've seen Linus' email, I really *really* hope this works out. 🙏🙏🙏

@CoralineAda wow that is insane and awesome! congratulations on this major contribution to society!

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