Oh my, of course also a big thanks to @ChunkerSpirit@twitter.com for raiding!
I did not forget about you, I was just too excited to have saved the universe! πŸ™ˆ
I hope everybody enjoyed our journey through the galaxy in which we still can explore due to this heroic action 🀣

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What happens if you started the raid for somebody, but that person is also just raiding you? Yes, a rift in space time! A second before the rift opened I was able to cancel the raid and the universe was saved πŸ˜…
Thank you so much @nerdgrrrl@twitter.com and @justdavegg@twitter.com for raiding me tonight!

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We asked 11 Influential folks in the Linux Gaming Community their predictions for 2021: Find out what they think will happen! boilingsteam.com/thrilling-lin

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During today's I was lucky to be raided by steiner_83 @LordCroppe@twitter.com @Ocrviking1@twitter.com and @Blossom_Streamt@twitter.com! Thank you very much for sharing your communities with me and trusting me, especially with all that buttshake during πŸ™ˆ

NERDS-Talk Linux Gaming mit @JvPeek@twitter.com @thisa_cc@twitter.com und @AlexDahlem@twitter.com @antlionaudio@twitter.com pscp.tv/w/cwKXRjFYSlFrZG9iT3lu

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Heute um 19 Uhr gibt es die zweite Talkrunde NERDS auf Twitch

Mit dabei sind heute: @Corben78@twitter.com @AlexDahlem@twitter.com @JvPeek@twitter.com und @thisa_cc@twitter.com

Seid dabei auf twitch.tv/corben78

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@vr_arcadia@twitter.com Met a friend of this guy. We had some beer at the bar, talked a bit about this and that...
No, kidding... I RAAAAN! 😱

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- Early Access #16 - There are more Atherna Bypasses @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com @everspace_game@twitter.com @rockfishgames@twitter.com @AntlionAudio@twitter.com twitch.tv/corben78 pscp.tv/w/cv6-mzFYSlFrZG9iT3lu

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We've just received early images from the Perseverance Mars rover.
Um, @everspace_game@twitter.com, we think you have some explaining to do...

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Naaaw wir bewegen uns heute wieder in der Pixelwelt von Starbound umher. Freu mich schon auf unsere Entdeckungen :)

Live <3


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Hey! A big announcement time for influencers:

If you are planning to live stream Hinge – let us know, so we'll be able to watch it and share it on our socials!

Also, check out Xoanon: twitch.tv/xoanon, he is a great creator and recently has being streaming Hinge!

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Pilots, get excited about upcoming star systems, player ships, companions, new story content and more revealed in the EVERSPACE 2 Roadmap 2021:

bit.ly/ES2PU27 πŸš€πŸͺπŸ‘½

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