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Bei @Twitch@twitter.com kann man jetzt in Europa Prepaid Geschenkkarten kaufen.

Die kann man für Bits, Twitch Turbo, (Geschenk)Abos benutzen.

Ist okay.


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Do you like FOSS and/or XR? Are you looking for a intership next year? Then checkout @Collabora@twitter.com's internship openings!

Please signal boost this post, especially to friends that might be interested! Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions, DMs open!


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Hi Guys in 5ish min i will stream @Fallout@twitter.com 4 from @bethesda@twitter.com Let's continue our journey into the wastelands of the commonwealth twitch.tv/lvupvaleria see you there

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Another achievement unlocked! And this even on my 200th day of consecutive days of streaming 🥳
Let's see how far we can go with this 🙈

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Our most recent Fever Dreams where hosts @Corben78@twitter.com and @XypherOrion@twitter.com sit down with
@FreakVR_@twitter.com to discuss all things VR and everything and nothing else all at the same time. @AntlionAudio@twitter.com Shout out to @MrLiveProducer@twitter.com for the production. youtube.com/watch?v=qUY3ttla1C

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I've just discovered a large unexpected expense that is complicating my financial situation. If you were considering purchasing , now would be a great time <3 cheeseness.itch.io/hive-time

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Wow! I went to go post our 6th podcast and saw that we never posted our 5th. Here it is with your hosts @Corben78@twitter.com and @XypherOrion@twitter.com talking all things VR with @MrLiveProducer@twitter.com youtu.be/AnkscnJX16Y

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🔥Grab it while it's hot - deal ends in ~25h
Note: Unlike EVERSPACE 2, ES1 is NOT an but a shooter! It DOES feature a proper 20ish hour story campaign, and it'll test your piloting skills & talent for improvisation A LOT 🚀💥

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