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is included in the latest 3.16-5 beta. @flibitijibibo@twitter.com did an awesome job, see more details about this here: github.com/FNA-XNA/FAudio/wiki
Especially I like this comparison 😎
"If OpenAL is like Audio , FAudio is more like Audio ." 😄

Nicely done! Will wait to get a physical copy, as I really like to hold that cartridge in my hands and put it into my .
On a youtube comment, I've read you plan to share more about your next title around summer next year. Oh dear, that's soooooooooo long to wait :D

RT @everspace_game@twitter.com ❗️Attention all pilots on ❗️ - Stellar Edition (base game + + soundtrack + artbook) is ready for download at the eShop! bit.ly/ESSENSW @UnrealEngine@twitter.com youtu.be/4hYf6xlT3BU ^MS

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RT @hardpenguin13@twitter.com: Hey 🇬🇧 just stay in the 🇪🇺, it will be fun, I promise!

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The only thing that I'm missing in general is, I have no idea how I could get the chat into my view. @BeatSaber@twitter.com has this awesome EnhancedTwitchChat plugin. Unfortunately OpenVRTwitchChat and OVRdrop aren't working on . If anybody has an idea, please let my know.

I'm encountering the same issues that players on other platforms have, e.g. the mouse getting stuck in menus, or no mouse pointer in . I'll try some more workarounds, and if it works, I'll show it on to you. It's my first VR game controlled by my @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com 😎🐧

is so cool 😎. I've finally started to play @Subnautica@twitter.com on 🐧
Technically it works flawless, even in . Unfortunately there is no 3rd person view, so a mixed reality is not possible. Maybe I'll try the normal view then. I just need to tinker with it a bit

RT @MindCrushers@twitter.com: Das Warten hat ein Ende: Another World V

Lange hat es gedauert, bald ist das Warten vorbei: Am 21.12.2018 feiert der abschließende fünfte Teil unserer SciFi-Hörspielreihe "Another World" seine Premiere auf Youtube (mit Live-Chat).... youtube.com/watch?v=WYhRrGf3oO

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My buddy and fellow streamer @ThEpicspartan@twitter.com is showing @everspace_game@twitter.com on right now.
This awesome game is now on its best sale ever over at chrono.gg
It works beautifully on . If you want to see how this awesome game looks:

@meldrian streamt derzeit seine Runde Jagged Alliance 2 mit dem JA-Stracciatella-Port nativ unter .

Einen Mitschnitt findet ihr auf seinem Youtube-Kanal: youtube.com/watch?v=0X9nPmmwaL

Mehr zu Stracciatella gibts bei uns im Wiki: holarse-linuxgaming.de/wiki/ja

RT @chronodeals@twitter.com: THE BEST OF CHRONO HAS BEGUN! The best of the best are back, with even BETTER prices. Oh, and 2x coin spins ;) Kick off the start by dashing through dogfights and blasting through fleets! EVERSPACE - Ultimate Edition is only $10 today at chrono.gg @Rockfishgames@twitter.com

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Heute, ~20:15, geht es weiter mit Jagged Alliance 2.
Nach den herben Verlusten in der letzten Folge geht entweder heute alles zu Ende oder wir berappeln uns nochmal.
Was meint ihr? Findet es heraus.
Heute. 20:15. Auf Twitch.

My fix for multiple V4L devices of the same model not being displayed properly has now been merged. Expect it in future OBS releases, I guess :) github.com/obsproject/obs-stud

cc: @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com @Commanderf@twitter.com @bnoffer@twitter.com @Restreamio@twitter.com @OBSProject@twitter.com

Another week has passed, today's weekly thursday evening will show you on :
1. @Warcraft3@twitter.com
2. via @GOGcomDE@twitter.com's wrapped version
3. @CompanyOfHeroes@twitter.com

Going live with more @BeatSaber@twitter.com expert+ song training. Also the song dowloader seems to work again, and the song information overlay (thx @Jasey_Wasey@twitter.com)
Chime in at: twitch.tv/corben78 to see how it works on in mixed reality

RT @holarse@twitter.com: Wer sich für und interessiert, sollte mal beim Corben vorbeischauen! Wenn ihr ganz lieb fragt, zeigt er euch sicher auch seinen . ;-) twitter.com/Corben78/status/10

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