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We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.9.2. This release contains two security fixes, so we highly recommend updating. blog.gitea.io/2019/08/gitea-1.

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Welch grosse Ehre! @budnoob@twitter.com von @TheRocketBeans@twitter.com schaute am @everspace_game@twitter.com Stand für vorbei, während meine Wenigkeit gerade die Demo des 2. Teils von mit dem @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com anzockte. Ab 03:11 geht's los, schaut mal rein:

After weekly thursday evening!
1. @AgeOfEmpires@twitter.com 3
3. @BlazeRushGame@twitter.com
Join the [en/ger] at 8pm cest on:
🐧 powered and @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com〽️ steered (AoE3 only)

On my way back home. That was an incredible ! I've met people irl that I've only seen or known online so far. do connect people! Here are some pictures! See you all next year again, or maybe even earlier?
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This is music to my ears:
"Fixed Steam VR in 🐧."
Thank you @NoMansSky@twitter.com 🙏
I had no doubt this will eventually be fixed, and I'm sure you'll iron out the performance issues as well, so this workaround won't be needed: github.com/volca02/spoof_vendo

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Because you are probably getting used to faster songs, so you have messed up your rhythm on slow and medium songs twitter.com/oULTRAo/status/116

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Der Kollege hat schön die Arena auf der vorgestellt - darunter auch @everspace_game@twitter.com . In der Bilderstrecke demonstriert @Corben78@twitter.com den Einsatz von @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com

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Take a great narrative, fast paced action, some roguelike features, and the final frontier; slap em' together and what do you get? A hell of a good time, that's what! Everspace and it's DLC are only $9.98 for two more hours at chrono.gg @Rockfishgames@twitter.com

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Und zufällig @Corben78@twitter.com auf der getroffen! Natürlich bei @everspace_game@twitter.com !

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@Corben78@twitter.com @Rockfishgames@twitter.com @everspace_game@twitter.com @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com Definitely one of my next investments:

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Ha! First at the @Rockfishgames@twitter.com booth! 😂
No worries, just a little bit later I could already play the build of @everspace_game@twitter.com 2. With the @_MoveMaster_@twitter.com!
It looks as good as in the trailer, and the steering is as great as in ES1! If you're here, you have to play it

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demo is waiting for all pilots at the ⁦@IndieArenaBooth@twitter.com⁩ in hall 10.2

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Plus - Preview: Wird das Freelancer 2.0? Everspace 2 erfindet sich als Open-World-RPG neu dlvr.it/RBW0DW

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Spiele-Special: Everspace 2 kommt! Alles zur gamescom-Ankündigung und die 3 größten Unterschiede zum Vorgänger dlvr.it/RBW1CB

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@gamingonlinux@twitter.com @steam_games@twitter.com @UnrealEngine@twitter.com support scheduled for full release in 2021! 😃

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EVERSPACE 2 Gamescom Version Let's Play w/ Commentary youtu.be/jNjTfy0-U90 via @YouTube@twitter.com

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