Moin. Gleich startet der erste #Rimworld #Stream nachdem während der letzten Folge die Basis aufgegeben wurde. Alles neu quasi. Außerdem wird dies die erste Folge mit Version 1.0.
Bis gleich?

Yeah! Finally managed to get Aliens vs Predator (from 2010) working with on . I rated it platinum with stable (atm 3.0.3), but that changed with a newer version of wine. It's still gold, just set xaudio2_5 to native. Details

Long time no . After so much in mixed reality I think I need to report for duty again 🙃 Join me here: 🐧🎮🚀

Going live in now, with some more beat saber. I hope now I was able to tweak all the gears so it's in sync and has good performance. Join me on:
And you can vote for songs ;)

RT We're very excited to announce won the Best International Indie Game award at !! 🚀 💥 🎮

Thank you so much everyone!!


RT An initial Beta of Proton 3.16 is now available. It supports D3D11's Stream Output using the brand new Vulkan EXT_transform_feedback extension! For that, Mesa git or NVIDIA's 396.54.09 driver are required.


So, I made a discord if anyone is interested. There is nothing on it, but hopefully it will organically grow into something nice 🌻

That is all, please carry on.

wie angekündigt, ich bin dann mal mit #RimWorld Online auf #Twitch.
Schaltet ein wenn ihr möchtet. Nachrichten aus dem #fediverse & dem Twitch-Chat lese ich gerne vor.

Had an excellent stream today! Was great to talk about games with @Corben78 the shows a long one but it's most certainly a worthwhile listed. the VOD hits youtube on Monday at noon and mp3 on the rss some time after that. (

Aaah... finally found a mobile app for mastodon. That was an issue so far, why I didn't look much into it.
Let's see if that changes now ;)

Full Throttle Remastered's Linux port couldn't have happened without the support of these awesome people.
They all do cool stuff (contributing to projects like ScummVM, the Xoreos engine, PCGamingWiki, Arx Liberatis, and a bunch more) and a few of them are here on Mastodon: @warpgate9 @flesk @tintvrtkovic @soeb @DrMcCoy

As a PC gamer, I still can't get really rid of Windows, when I want to play certain games. Recently I bought a new notebook: Acer GL502VS, which runs really great with . Just wanted to play some Titanfall 2 on Windows, and Bluetooth stopped working (or it stopped already a while ago). Works perfectly on Linux though. Acer and Windows 10 weren't offering updated drivers, but I found newer ones through the driver update utility from intel. Now it works again...


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